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Waiting on Miracle (Encanto) by Stephanie Beatriz
What else can I do (Encanto) by Diane Guerrero, Stephanie Beatriz
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  1. KeroCaptors92


    Hugging, dancing, vibing, I’m loving these sister moments between Mirabel and Isabela. So wholesome! 🤗💖💞

  2. Alvaro Perez

    Alvaro Perez

    Both these songs exemplify what these characters feel.

  3. da dantheman1

    da dantheman1

    mirabells real gift is stopping time so she can sing (edit mom im famous)

  4. Baby Floppa

    Baby Floppa

    Waiting on a miracle

  5. burht


    mirabel: im not fine im not fine

  6. da weeb f!!sh𓆉︎

    da weeb f!!sh𓆉︎

    I love how you make alma not heartless! <33

  7. •~Adriana Huhu~•

    •~Adriana Huhu~•

    The part where mirabel said your hair smells so good I laughed cuz that made me think of the Palmolive isabella meme when she was perfect

  8. Everything jammy

    Everything jammy


  9. •Ril3yv Sän•

    •Ril3yv Sän•


  10. kristy


    *mirabel and isabela hugging in the room while everyone is being depressed*

  11. Madelyn Edwards

    Madelyn Edwards

    I think it was great! The characters designs were pretty spot on, plus their reactions too. I love when I see videos of the family reacting to “Waiting on a Miracle” and “What Else can I Do?” because they were such big songs that showed what a character was going through or the start of character development. I think you did a very good job with this video.

  12. Lola_Ellis


    Sad beautiful and I always love to see Mirabel and Isabela getting along and talking about Isabela's life

  13. ALonelyMonster


    Something no one noticed :

  14. CHA CHA


    isa:tell me when ever you feel lonely because i'll always be there for you

  15. Syri


    I like how Mirabel and Isabela were dancing together.

  16. Rin!


    can we all just stop and take a moment to appreciate how accurate the designs are

  17. Jane M

    Jane M

    I....LOVE THIS CONTENT Also I love how you made the Family (The Madrigals) Feel sorry for Mirabel because after the move the ACTUALLY realized that they were neglecting her for not having a gift. And yes I know the parents of Mirabel Agustin and Julieta are sorry for her but when I was watching the movie I felt like they were just saying that to make her feel better about herself. But this an AMAZING video 👏

  18. Aadya


    Soo cute to see the siblings bonding after u know da movie

  19. ♡︎ 𝐸𝐽 𝐵𝑒𝑛𝑖𝑔 ♡︎

    ♡︎ 𝐸𝐽 𝐵𝑒𝑛𝑖𝑔 ♡︎

    When Mira said “Isa- this is the part where we-“ in “what else can I do?” It sounds kinda like she is the actor

  20. Trea Mountin

    Trea Mountin

    Both of those songs will now be added to my "Favorite Encanto song list". :)