Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You (Official 4K Video)

Official 4K Video for ”I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston
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And I will always love you
I will always love you
My darling, you

Komentáře: 285 172 

  1. FinesseSoCocky


    Před 3 lety

    My mother died the same day as Whitney Houston and this song played on the radio and I broke down in the car. Now this song reminds me of that day so clearly. Rip mom 💔

  2. Mactornado -Gamer

    Mactornado -Gamer

    Před 13 hodinami

    Já tem anos que desde pequeno ouço essa música,até hoje amo ela

  3. Mistériogirl Love&Army

    Mistériogirl Love&Army

    Před dnem

    Amo essa música!!!!!

  4. Raven Branwen

    Raven Branwen

    Před 13 hodinami

    This song is so powerful✨

  5. Jim Thunda

    Jim Thunda

    Před 13 hodinami

    This woman was a miracle of life. The perfect face, the perfect skin colour sharing both race's.

  6. justice Christopher

    justice Christopher

    Před dnem

    2022; I am still waiting to hear a song reach the soul as this... A true definition of a legend

  7. Winny Osborne

    Winny Osborne

    Před rokem

    This song will never get old.

  8. Safira Kriok

    Safira Kriok

    Před 16 hodinami

    Amo, AMO...AMOOOO💙🎶🎵🎶🎵

  9. hope right here🌞

    hope right here🌞

    Před 18 hodinami

    Yes we still are listening this MASTERPIECE in 2022,Let me cry

  10. Omale Gloria

    Omale Gloria

    Před 16 hodinami

    It's 2022 yet this song still stands out ,may God continue to bless your soul Whitney 🥺

  11. Felipe da silva Antonio

    Felipe da silva Antonio

    Před 16 hodinami

    Sm nenhum medo de errar, essa voz merece todos os prêmios possíveis que possam existir, se abstendo de todas as polêmicas e, tudo pelo que passou, o Artista é eternizado por suas obras e, essa música é um exemplo perfeito disso, será eterna, aja ver, que sempre haverá quem a admire, e sempre haverá muitos ..

  12. Rhayane Viana

    Rhayane Viana

    Před 18 hodinami

    11 anos depois, estamos nós aqui ouvindo essa voz incrível 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🥺

  13. Χρήστος κ

    Χρήστος κ

    Před 2 lety

    I can't believe how legendary this song is even in 2020

  14. Alessandra Ale

    Alessandra Ale

    Před 16 hodinami

    saudades de Whitney 😢❤🇧🇷

  15. Daniel Nascimento dos Santos Dos Santos

    Daniel Nascimento dos Santos Dos Santos

    Před 12 hodinami

    Música maravilhosa

  16. Angela gomes A menor entre as servas de Cristo

    Angela gomes A menor entre as servas de Cristo

    Před 13 hodinami

    Música linda

  17. Carlos R Pérez

    Carlos R Pérez

    Před dnem

    I hope this new generation understands this is what real music is ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  18. Omar Oviedo

    Omar Oviedo

    Před 13 hodinami

    This song still beautiful,never forget to her.

  19. Garchomp


    Před 3 lety

    Legends never die. Whitney is alive but we can't see her.😭😭 RIP

  20. Kelly Brooke

    Kelly Brooke

    Před dnem

    This song gives me chills! A legend with a voice that is absolutely beautiful.