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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)


🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)

🔴 JJ (KSI)

🔵 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 SIMON (Miniminter)


  1. Doomslayer


    Před 41 minutou

    So the very first was in metric system. Brits having a hard time

  2. James Welch

    James Welch

    Před 2 hodinami

    I hate that this is rigged. I know it's comedy, but it annoys me when they purposefully fix the game for comedic effect.

  3. thatguynathan


    Před 6 hodinami

    If they turned around at the end and said "sidemen Scissors out now pro code: 10". I would have died 🤣

  4. Top 5 products

    Top 5 products

    Před 18 hodinami

    JJ hit the exact same yes yes yes meme 1:12

  5. Flynn Hurst

    Flynn Hurst

    Před dnem

    They spelt pronounciation wrong???? It’s pronunciation

  6. Chris Fn

    Chris Fn

    Před dnem

    If only he said vegetable

  7. Lorenjo Baruah

    Lorenjo Baruah

    Před dnem

    i love how henry spells it as austral asia

  8. Nicholas Williamson

    Nicholas Williamson

    Před dnem

    How does jj even write songs

  9. Liam Guy

    Liam Guy

    Před 2 dny

    I’m 14 I didn’t understand a single 1 of th questions

  10. Last Resort

    Last Resort

    Před 2 dny

    40:05 Everyone goes quite after what JJ says 😂

  11. John Liu

    John Liu

    Před 2 dny

    1:12:45 best part

  12. Mikey


    Před 2 dny

    Henry is a feminist 100%

  13. I S S Y !

    I S S Y !

    Před 3 dny

    Y did he keep saying "austriashia" wtf

  14. Hassan Warsame

    Hassan Warsame

    Před 3 dny

    14:55 that laugh was iconic 😂😂

  15. Millies Corner

    Millies Corner

    Před 3 dny

    i think jasmine kinda looks like nandi from sidemen tinder with chunks harry and filly

  16. Clarisse Kwizera

    Clarisse Kwizera

    Před 3 dny

    The dance is funny oh my god

  17. DynamicDoesThings


    Před 4 dny

    The way they looked at josh when Ethan said josh bought a cheese is relatable

  18. Percy Wackson

    Percy Wackson

    Před 4 dny

    Im so sorry but Anay , Max and Henry are so annoying

  19. Shai


    Před 4 dny

    i love jj man🤣🤣

  20. Omar Muthana

    Omar Muthana

    Před 4 dny

    Josh said 14 old he just cap 🧢 he is 29 year old

  21. ReArkified


    Před 4 dny

    The Sidemen wouldn't of lost that bad if bonus points weren't added by the way lol.

  22. Baby Naruto

    Baby Naruto

    Před 4 dny

    1:17:04 Babatunde's amazing maths skills.

    • Cannonn05


      Před 2 dny


  23. just.editzz


    Před 5 dny

    😂 funny they happy on winning against a 10yo

  24. Reyad - رياض

    Reyad - رياض

    Před 5 dny


  25. Pnoy


    Před 5 dny

    Henry was a really a ginger like straight up stereotype of a ginger

  26. Luís Naia

    Luís Naia

    Před 5 dny

    The answer to the second maths question but alright

  27. River Wilde

    River Wilde

    Před 5 dny

    Simon looks so fit in uniform lol

  28. Max Valentine

    Max Valentine

    Před 6 dny

    Henry sounds like Harry Potter

  29. Benjamin Masigan

    Benjamin Masigan

    Před 7 dny

    Year 6’s then vs Year 6’s Now

  30. Janu


    Před 7 dny

    I wouldn't miss school for a day if I had a cool teacher like Ethan :D

  31. Navien Raja

    Navien Raja

    Před 7 dny

    Josh looks calm!

  32. Rohit Garg

    Rohit Garg

    Před 7 dny

    This is so crazy being an indian n seeing adults failing at basic education 😂😂

  33. simeonhaskidsindabasement


    Před 7 dny

    They're doing 10 year olds because they can't handle anyone older 😂

  34. TheAkaun&TheNiaga


    Před 8 dny

    "Let that thing work" while poking JJ's head LMAOOOOO

  35. Zachary Weissman

    Zachary Weissman

    Před 8 dny

    So are they? No rofl

  36. Bharath Ebby

    Bharath Ebby

    Před 9 dny

    both of them were wrong in the 9/200 question

  37. Abdulhadi Zabad

    Abdulhadi Zabad

    Před 9 dny

    How 9/2000 equivalent to 9.002 I thought it’d be 0.0045

  38. 92kosta


    Před 9 dny

    Henry seems like he's gonna become a politician.

  39. Adriaan


    Před 9 dny

    try 13 year old

  40. Dragonet 30

    Dragonet 30

    Před 9 dny

    boy in the front row so annoying

  41. Pravin RAJENTHIRAN


    Před 9 dny

    What malika's INSTAGRAM

  42. Mayank Tripathi

    Mayank Tripathi

    Před 10 dny

    the spelling of pronunciation is wrong 35:45

  43. AspectNova


    Před 10 dny

    No one gonna question where Simons shoes gone

  44. Xtra PUBG YT

    Xtra PUBG YT

    Před 11 dny

    JJ was totally roasted by Henry 🤣

  45. Xtra PUBG YT

    Xtra PUBG YT

    Před 11 dny

    JJ let's do boxing instead of studying 🤣

  46. Dillama


    Před 11 dny

    This just reminds me how much I hate 10 yr Olds they so cringe 😐

  47. Talleyrand


    Před 11 dny

    The Amazon is the longest river in the world, the Nil is smaller than from 140m

  48. Rayden Tan

    Rayden Tan

    Před 11 dny

    46:39 😂😂😂☠️😂😂😂😂😂

  49. Linzarzar Wint

    Linzarzar Wint

    Před 12 dny

    It only took me 2 seconds to know it was china

  50. Isla Coyne

    Isla Coyne

    Před 13 dny

    The way henry pronounced Australia actually triggered me

  51. Makoto Somemori

    Makoto Somemori

    Před 14 dny

    Anay was telling answers, then asking answers 🤣

  52. Makoto Somemori

    Makoto Somemori

    Před 14 dny

    Bro Imma boot anate

  53. Makoto Somemori

    Makoto Somemori

    Před 14 dny

    No disrespect but malika has a unibrow

  54. Omz Jada

    Omz Jada

    Před 14 dny


  55. Rowan St-Aubin

    Rowan St-Aubin

    Před 14 dny

    I grew up calling it Oceania not Australia

  56. GeoSlith


    Před 14 dny

    The only reason Phil didn't make it is because he swears too much

  57. Rosalie Ahmed

    Rosalie Ahmed

    Před 15 dny

    29:53 the funniest dance ever

  58. Ben Chen

    Ben Chen

    Před 15 dny

    Toby repping crips

  59. caitlin ayala

    caitlin ayala

    Před 15 dny

    I'm so down bad for tobi

  60. Yna


    Před 15 dny

    We need part 2



    Před 15 dny

    29:00 JJ be like : Et tu Vik?

  62. João Pedro

    João Pedro

    Před 15 dny

    since when america is 2 different continents?

    • Makoto Somemori

      Makoto Somemori

      Před 14 dny


  63. Kunal Khilwani

    Kunal Khilwani

    Před 16 dny

    2:10 jj being captain america - " We have VIKK."

  64. HeartFart


    Před 16 dny

    I just want to say... the K in KSI stands for knowledge

  65. Rampaging Ogre

    Rampaging Ogre

    Před 16 dny

    I liked the girl with the glasses...

  66. Basty


    Před 16 dny

    Bro they learning this stuff at 10 years old???

  67. richard sefo

    richard sefo

    Před 16 dny

    Would've been fun with sir Theodore

  68. amirhosen sn

    amirhosen sn

    Před 17 dny


  69. Jordan Metcalfe

    Jordan Metcalfe

    Před 17 dny


  70. fnk.


    Před 17 dny

    Australia❌ Austrialiasia✅

    • Makoto Somemori

      Makoto Somemori

      Před 14 dny


  71. Dakota Stenhouse

    Dakota Stenhouse

    Před 17 dny

    I love ur videos

  72. Cinema Payan

    Cinema Payan

    Před 18 dny

    that jasmine looked like a freak ngl

  73. Nirvaar Kaur

    Nirvaar Kaur

    Před 18 dny

    1:08:33 where was William Shakespeare born? Tobi- slowly starts slouching in his chair 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  74. Mckenzie Boxall

    Mckenzie Boxall

    Před 18 dny

    6:00 proof u dont need to be smart to be rich

  75. Shimar Ahmed

    Shimar Ahmed

    Před 18 dny

    This boy henry is lika mixed up version of Ron Weasley and Quentin Tarantino!!

  76. Harjoth Singh

    Harjoth Singh

    Před 19 dny

    Minimimter got A* in maths so he’s clever

  77. Billie’s Eyelash

    Billie’s Eyelash

    Před 19 dny

    this is like me and my friends in the back of the classroom in 7th grade when our teacher got fired

  78. XDFnMontages


    Před 19 dny

    did anyone else notice how both jasmine and jj have the exact same hair

  79. Alex Hlavka

    Alex Hlavka

    Před 20 dny

    Jasmine is like a 40 year old stuck in a 10 year old’s body

  80. Samuel Benedict Priest

    Samuel Benedict Priest

    Před 20 dny

    Random complaint. I feel like the 4 Highest mountains question was poorly worded. They aren't the 4 highest in the Uk... Scotland has at least 10 mountains taller than Snowdon. Which is taller than Scafell Pike... They were asking for the tallest in each country in the Uk. Not 4 tallest in the uk.

  81. woke


    Před 20 dny

    Yeah but can a 10 year old survive me

  82. Levity


    Před 20 dny


  83. courtney


    Před 20 dny

    Should rename it sidemen get bullied by 10 yr olds for a hour

  84. Jessy


    Před 20 dny

    When jasmine wouldn't shake JJ's hand... dead

  85. michael gibbard

    michael gibbard

    Před 20 dny

    Bring Henry into more videos to take the piss out of JJ

  86. Oses


    Před 21 dnem

    13:13 Josh gets violated by a Year 6

  87. Todd Carney

    Todd Carney

    Před 21 dnem

    anyone feel bad for jasmine bro

  88. Dopico💖World


    Před 21 dnem

    Henry Fans Here?!😹

  89. ignFlex


    Před 22 dny

    Australasia isnt a continent

  90. Usama Khalid

    Usama Khalid

    Před 22 dny

    53:30 JJ to vik 😭😭😂

  91. Nitish Kumar Tiwari

    Nitish Kumar Tiwari

    Před 22 dny

    China originated all the diseases COVID, Black Plague WTF !!!

  92. Juan jose Granja

    Juan jose Granja

    Před 22 dny

    little vik was so annoying

  93. HayRil


    Před 23 dny

    Henry was just annoying

  94. Kitana Marie

    Kitana Marie

    Před 23 dny

    henry looks like he’s got clammy hands

  95. Conrad Campbell

    Conrad Campbell

    Před 23 dny


  96. Mil1onwalk


    Před 23 dny

    1:13:01 Fatneek Gets Roasted!

  97. Adrian Osuna

    Adrian Osuna

    Před 23 dny

    the only one who should not get bullied is jasmin everyone else well deserves it. they are brats and annoying as hell

  98. Its Lipzo

    Its Lipzo

    Před 23 dny

    I hate that snitch ngl

  99. xX_kill_yourself_Xx


    Před 23 dny

    Kind of ironic Ethan replaces phill

  100. racheletarducci __

    racheletarducci __

    Před 24 dny

    not gonna lie, I'm not even English and I knew how to spell all of them lol