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Repurposing ideas, repair crafts, and incredible DIY decorations you’ll love

Do you also love crafting and decorating? Then you’ve come to the right place. Today I show you some brilliant DIY crafts you can try at home. Let’s start with 3D pens. Those little powerful handheld tools will help you add some flare to your next big project or fix something broken.

For example, using a watermelon halve, you can create a hat.

Have you ever broken your favorite coffee mug? Then, instead of chucking it away, use your 3D pen to fix it. Just make sure you fill the area with multiple coarse layers that go in different directions to ensure no liquid will seep through.

If you’re looking for more challenging projects. I show you how to turn a steel drum into a fully functional BBQ grill. You can also take an old chair from the trash and restore it into beautiful furniture. Or, take a soda can, an old helicopter toy, and re-design it from scratch.

0:45 - How to fix a broken coffee mug with a 3D pen
3:16 - How to fix a hole in a screen mesh
3:48 - Making a BBQ grill from scratch
6:52 - A must-see professional chair restoration
11:46 - An inspiring helicopter project
14:50 - Cool DIYs using cardboard boxes
16:20 - A DIY phone holder (charging accessory)
17:10 - DIY stationery organizer
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