Flying RC Car

RC cars are way more fun when they are FLYING!! Our craziest RC battle yet!!
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    sorry for the cars

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    Caleb Hillman

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    Před dnem

    Sounds like a drone with extra steps

  15. D.B. Wankk

    D.B. Wankk

    Před dnem

    Yeah how he stopped and then went under the truck 👏🏾😂

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    JC Chill time

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    DP: The rules to this battle are simple The rules: enchantment table language

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    Tyler: Launches car off the roof. Garret: You knocked the Go Pro off!

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    Alfie Gaming

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    00:00 Intro 00:21 Rules Garrett 0:30 TT 0:50 Coby 1:35 Cory 2:09 Cody 2:37 Round 2 3:22 Round 3 4:44 Trophy Presentation/Outro 8:49

    • Phoenix Flame

      Phoenix Flame

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