FAT & STUPID - Fail Compilation 🍔 🙈

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IDIOT COMPILATION: www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-LT0...

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  1. M Winchester

    M Winchester

    If you're morbidly obese, don't try to ride a horse. That's just cruel.

  2. Pink Marshmallow

    Pink Marshmallow

    Laughed all the way through! So glad the horse threw him off, poor thing was buckling under his weight! The guy trying to get out of the car “ use your stomach muscles “ had me laughing so much!

  3. Brenda Mitchell

    Brenda Mitchell

    Son unos

  4. Jake Cooper

    Jake Cooper

    That guy wrapped up in the pallet on the forklift is possibly the most dangerously stupid workplace clip I've ever seen... That was a gruesome death waiting to happen

  5. Whitney James

    Whitney James

    Eres un ídolo

  6. Ophelia Garcia

    Ophelia Garcia

    Před rokem

    How can anybody let that man on that poor horse? I thought the horse’s back legs was going to break

  7. brett b

    brett b

    Před rokem

    "use your stomach muscles" best line in the whole thing

  8. Charlie Bowman

    Charlie Bowman

    You couldn't imagine how very much I enjoyed the moment the horse tossed out the big fat beast down to the ground. That was animal abuse.



    Man I fell bad for some of these people they probably weren't thought how to eat right

  10. Ganymede, Jupiter III

    Ganymede, Jupiter III

    Every time I feel like skipping the gym I'll watch this

  11. a bagel

    a bagel

    As a dude whos done way too much warehouse work, the one where the guys plastic wrapped to a pallet being carried by a forklift strikes the fear of God (or OSHA) into me. I can't get past the fact anyone in that facility allowed that to happen.

  12. Jason Everett

    Jason Everett

    Před rokem

    Imagine you're watching a compilation called "Fat & Stupid", laughing your head off and then suddenly the next clip is you.

  13. sillieww


    Před rokem

    A lot of titles are misleading but this one is bang on.

  14. Dionysis Larson

    Dionysis Larson

    Před rokem

    I think that the most shocking thing is, is that some actually thought that they had the grip and forearm strength to support their body weights.

  15. qzetu


    That first one had me crying.five months later and that first one still has me crying.

  16. Thomas Green

    Thomas Green


  17. Garrett Statum

    Garrett Statum

    The guy at

  18. Emma Gabites

    Emma Gabites

    Před rokem

    You can literally see that poor horses knees buckle under the weight of that guy...

  19. Jesse Hanson

    Jesse Hanson

    Před 21 dnem

    Tragically hilarious! I haven't felt so guilty about laughing so hard in a long time...