Squid Game 3

Watch how they overcome their weakness and make it into strength enable to stay alive.

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How are you guys?
Sorry for keeping you wait to this game 4. I had some matter of instances in life to deal with. Hopefully days will become better.

Keep your mental & physical health healthy .

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  1. JELLYbob


    I like how the old man is still smiling 😂

  2. Natan TV

    Natan TV

    the most thrilling show so far waiting for season 2

  3. vicky toria

    vicky toria

    Gosh... it's the team work and cooperation for me .. love dis tug of war game😍..

  4. Uma Yanganee

    Uma Yanganee

    Moral of the story ...smile even at your worst

  5. Rajdeep Mehta

    Rajdeep Mehta

    The grandpa is really really smart 👍🏻

  6. AllYouCanWatch


    I have a great feeling another game would be hide n seek!

  7. Izabella Kirkendoll

    Izabella Kirkendoll

    Had no clue what this was till I heard classmates talking about it. I'm totally hooked

  8. Ramesh Solanki

    Ramesh Solanki

    Tha Grandpa is a genius... cause he has played this game before!! Keep it Grandpa and May God bless u with a good health..❤❤❤👍

  9. 10k- ObiOnYT

    10k- ObiOnYT

    The old man is a legend ❤️

  10. William Afton

    William Afton

    Little old man is still smiling and everyone's dying

  11. @Lorina Palabyab

    @Lorina Palabyab

    Everyone : I can't do it anymore

  12. Ma. Cristina Bugayong

    Ma. Cristina Bugayong

    Episode 4 plsss ❤

  13. Night wolf

    Night wolf

    I hope this channel could install the another episode about Squid Game soon..

  14. Nishtha


    Oh damn!! I feel normal whenever I see the old man's smile. He's such a relief🤧

  15. adgeless1989


    Used to do this in highschool gym as a freshman. We won a lot of games against upper classmen because we played like the old man said. Let them get tired, then pullem out

  16. welly endin

    welly endin

    I love how the old ma still smiling

  17. Tsuki - Chan

    Tsuki - Chan

    Everyone : I love the series and I love the old man !

  18. Alicia


    The old man is still smiling even if he's pulling the rope, what a legend. Love so much ❤️

  19. Роман Ковальчук

    Роман Ковальчук

    great series🔥

  20. Giorgi_Shvelidze


    Everyone: I love how grandpa is still smiling