How Old Are The Madrigals In Encanto?

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Komentáře: 5 999 

  1. 【Ⓢⓘⓝⓚ】


    Imagine being 15 and your grandma saying you are breaking the family,

  2. Rozena A.

    Rozena A.

    The fact that Disney main characters are all getting to be younger than me gradually is making me feel so old-

  3. Simple Duck

    Simple Duck

    I love how Encanto has so much diversity in their movie.

  4. Rescune


    I honestly thought camilo and mirabel would have a stronger relationship because theyre the same age

  5. t i m e .

    t i m e .

    Actually, I always thought Mirabel was like 17 or 18, she seems older to me...

  6. Lydia Walker

    Lydia Walker

    Imagine having all that family pressure put on you 5 years old.

  7. Clover Enbeerin

    Clover Enbeerin

    I feel bad for Julieta. She's out here, 50 freaking years old feeding a whole dang town.

  8. Kuro 5000

    Kuro 5000

    Me: oh yeah that all makes sense

  9. Sabiki Kasukō

    Sabiki Kasukō

    Imagine you're 19 and you're already dealing with carrying an entire village on your shoulders, almost literally.

  10. Jenrassic


    Big ups to Pepa for having a kid at 45 👏🏻

  11. King Mac

    King Mac

    If anyone was wondering and wanted to feel sad

  12. Ottomus The All-Powerful

    Ottomus The All-Powerful

    I always thought that Luisa was the oldest of Julieta’s kids, I guess because of the whole “Give it to your sister, your sister’s older” line from Surface Pressure

  13. Stalker


    Something I noticed is that the triplets initials are P B and J, you know, like the sandwich?

  14. Who Cares

    Who Cares

    Antonio has pretty good speaking capabilities for a five year old lmao

  15. Evie Clarke

    Evie Clarke

    Me thinking Antonio is 9 😂

  16. kryztyn127


    Fun fact. The makers of the film did confirmed Alma's age to be 75 or 76. They hinted that when Alma and Pedro escaped, Alma was the same age as Sebastian (singer of Dos Oroguitas) when he recorded the song. Which makes Abuela around 75 to 76.

  17. Dream-Chanツ


    Camilo: im 15 years old-

  18. Katie Berry

    Katie Berry

    I just realized... if Bruno had left the house, he would've never known Antonio existed

  19. Hisham Rashid

    Hisham Rashid

    Did anyone else notice the time order of the triplets. Julieta, Pepa and Bruno have powers with with different times. Julieta heals past wounds, Pepa controls the present wheather and Bruno sees the upcoming future. Thats such a cool detail.

  20. Tye Shields

    Tye Shields