Former CIA Chief of Disguise Breaks Down Cold War Spy Gadgets | WIRED


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    C. W.

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  4. Andre's


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    The story of Trigon reminded me of the movie "The Courier" starting Benedict Cumberbach...about spying on the KGB..the tormenting and executing of American Spy's. Accurate with the story.

  5. Andre's


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    Lol I know people are prolly saying this too but...why is she telling everyone this??!😂makes me wonder what new madness they've concocted

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    Eric Williams

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    Chief of disguise? I thought it was the ‘master of disguise’ ? Lol

  13. Wholesome Videos

    Wholesome Videos

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  14. april chiappetta

    april chiappetta

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    Ok the mission impossible mask thing is real like whatttttt

  15. William Gill

    William Gill

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    i wanna know about the modern gadgets theyre using nowadays

  16. Anne Rosen

    Anne Rosen

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    Thats called MLP FUNDING

    • Anne Rosen

      Anne Rosen

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      -david kamran

  17. dan smebs

    dan smebs

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    Meghan Monk

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  22. Bo Jack

    Bo Jack

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    Without this kind of people world would be a better place.

    • John Forbes

      John Forbes

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      Nah. You just keep living in your naive world buddy.

  23. Mateus Ramos Bon

    Mateus Ramos Bon

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    Hmmm candy

  24. Niko P

    Niko P

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    My god this is so cool. However, my dear CIA, you have caused so much sh* around the world, mayhem, overthrows, the war in the Balkans. It's shameful what you have done. America is not the best, the only or the most important country. I do like this lady though.

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  32. Abhishek Sathe

    Abhishek Sathe

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    Image if Russian spy makes the same video about how they did stuff in united states

  33. uprooted tree works

    uprooted tree works

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    I own a tree service company so I think I’m officially changing my title to chief of disguise

  34. TheBlondeOne


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    this is amazing

  35. Bardiller


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    wait, won't disguise just gave your identity away as someone suspicious? 🤔

  36. join the fist 10

    join the fist 10

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    Chief of disguise? Not that would be epic.

  37. Derrion Gibson

    Derrion Gibson

    Před 18 dny

    Crazy that the CIA is just now waking up after all they have done to the world. They've been holding us back since their existence. They want us to be dumb AF so they can feel superior to us. Checkout the article:

  38. yossarian


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    It is so weird to hear someone confess to crimes like it doesn't even matter

  39. G.I. Geno

    G.I. Geno

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    N I thought that MY grandmother was cool!

  40. Jonald Blip

    Jonald Blip

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    In it's own way, THIS is the coolest video that CZstate has to offer. Is there any wonder it has almost a 100-1 ratio of likes to dislikes? :)

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    Jonna Mendez is the coolest lady on the planet.

  42. Sebastian Irmscher

    Sebastian Irmscher

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    Eigentlich ist sie nicht wirklich Jonna Mendez. Sie ist Manuel Neuer. Und wir sind auch nicht in deinem Schlafzimmer, sondern im Stadium

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  49. Devin Thebeau

    Devin Thebeau

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    ohhh i am very familiar with dead drops

  50. The Pixie Life

    The Pixie Life

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  53. Ray Kirkham

    Ray Kirkham

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    What made it so "deadly" is that you were spying. People don't like being spied on...ever. So we are definitely extending the reign of fear and desperation in our own personnel and those they are spying on. We also have nearly 1000 bases all over the world, encroaching on the borders of all socialist nations. We need to back off and let these people try their form of governance. It just may be superior to our own if we cannot avoid spying and getting caught. How do we expect ever to have any peace?

  54. Caroline Bourgeois

    Caroline Bourgeois

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    T Buck

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    • Pete Swafflemeyer

      Pete Swafflemeyer

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  73. Honda Ridgeline

    Honda Ridgeline

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    Meanwhile there are people burning American flags and disrespecting the men and women go serve this country…and there are guys who’s serving their country and willing to bite a cyanide pills to not go through KGB interrogation.

  74. dingaring


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    Cool grandma

  75. Gabriel Sayre

    Gabriel Sayre

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    Imagine being able to say someone in your family was a CIA Chief Spy in Russia.

  76. shadysaar


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    How do u even become a secret agent

    • Kris Faulkner

      Kris Faulkner

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    ur local cult leader

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  81. lildukey


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    Always wonder if I’ve been out in public in the presence of a spy undercover. Was it the hobo?

    • Kris Faulkner

      Kris Faulkner

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    Sheilly Khonada

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    Being able to talk without any 'ummm' in her sentences actually shows how intelligent she is

  89. Reyshimar Arguelles

    Reyshimar Arguelles

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    She's like those tech personnel in spy movies who provide the weapons and gadgets before a mission.

  90. Da potato Guy

    Da potato Guy

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    She is quite officially the coolest grandma in the world

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    Anish Singh

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    Next: Professional ghost review horror movies

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    • Vexillographer


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