BIG Win For Johnny! His Lawyer DESTROYS Amber Heard In Cross Examination

BIG Win For Johnny! His Lawyer DESTROYS Amber Heard In Cross Examination
Sometimes justice comes served as a woman lawyer named Camille, from the moment she started cross examining Amber you could tell she was in control of the situation and she wasn't going to take any more bs from Amber.The first evidence she used was a recording of Amber in San francisco begging johnny to hug and touch her.
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  1. Brad Cozine

    Brad Cozine

    While it's highly unlikly that Amber was beat up by Johnny Depp in the past, it's very clear that she was beat up by Camille Vasquez today in court.

  2. 40k challenge with 0 video

    40k challenge with 0 video

    The most dangerous thing about this woman is that she believes that her lies is the ultimate truth.

  3. Carla P

    Carla P

    Amber is such a pathological liar that she can't keep track of all her lies! Love how she throws her defense team under the bus saying she gave them all her evidence and they didn't present it! Camille is a pit bull in the courtroom, she's going after the truth and isn't going to accept anything less! Great attorney!!

  4. Marianne Ginalski

    Marianne Ginalski

    The way she is seeking approval from the jury is just disgusting. A true sociopath, no accountability, always right and the smug! the smug!

  5. Bobby Singh

    Bobby Singh

    Seems to me that Amber has been coddled all the time and she doesn't want to accept any responsibility for her actions. She is an overgrown baby just what she accused Johnny of. She is a narcissist who rages when things don't go her way. She has set herself up for a lifetime of misery

  6. Laxus Dreyar

    Laxus Dreyar

    Camille Vasquez and Dr. Curry should be the role model of what every girl should aspire to be. They are both excellent examples of what an independent powerful women should be.

  7. K Graham

    K Graham

    That is absurd! If she truly thought he broke her nose, she most certainly would have sought medical attention, especially in Hollywood where her looks mean everything.

  8. Sonia Cooper

    Sonia Cooper

    Notice how she ALWAYS looks at the jury when answering, not the one asking the questions? She obviously seems to think they're pretty dumb if they're to believe anything she says

  9. tenestetubo


    Camille is so sweet yet so vicious, she's a great lawyer. Depp is lucky to have such a fine tune litigation machine

  10. Alien_hunter20


    Just the fact that amber went to see Johnny AFTER filing a restraining order should be damning evidence. Having contact after the restraining order violates said restraining order.

  11. R.M


    Amber: "It's the make up's fault", if the jury really believes her I am sorry all hope is lost.

  12. Yanik G-Force

    Yanik G-Force

    What's even more baffling to me is that despite the clear evidence that JD is the real victim in this case, there are still some people who think that AT is innocent. Insane!

  13. David Hohlen

    David Hohlen

    She had to testify, she is her own worst witness, and blames her attorneys for not providing proof she claims to have sent them, they didn't get them or her dog ate them and left the prank in the bed. She didn't think poo in the bed was funny, I would hope not, it was for revenge, not a laugh! She is so pathetic!

  14. BelaVera


    I almost feel bad for her, but then I remember that she stole a decade of johnny's life to make him go through so much and destroy his career and ultimately him and I quickly start enjoying every second of her downfall again, camille is the real strong woman in this courtroom and she's at least 10x more beautiful and intelligent than amber ever will be

  15. ch4dm


    That lawyer deserves a raise she is brilliant. It didn't even take her a split second to destroy amber heard and tear her into pieces this has to be it she got caught so badly.💀 She overpowered AH in every question she asked to the point bro was caught up in her lies and made JD's lawyers points absolutely valid. Man she knows she is done for. Her lawyers are upmost delusional and doesn't have any professionalism in them, they are absolutely incompetent in every way compared to JD's lawyers they get their facts straight and lays it out to people the clearest way possible it's safe to say JD's lawyer could slap AH's Shii a$$ lawyers all together😭

  16. ⚖️AttorneyAmber


    Her air of superiority and condescending nature make it clear to me that this woman was never reprimanded OR hit EVER. I’d love to introduce her to my grandma who would allow her to pick her switch and introduce her to a healthy dose of “act right”. Typically I’m against violence but… who 💩s in a bed ON PURPOSE as an adult…and blames it on a dog that is half the size of the fecal matter?

  17. Awekening Bro

    Awekening Bro

    This fierce lady lawyer better be payed well, she spoke what others couldn't. Right in the face, right at the moment. She is badass.

  18. mary blee

    mary blee

    It’s so funny how she always turns to talk to the jury . Disgraceful that she claims abuse , has she seen pictures of women who have been battered - shame on her . No makeup can cover up physical abuse . How does she think anyone is going to believe her - completely potty

  19. Bobbi Jo Epps

    Bobbi Jo Epps

    I wish she would STOP looking at the She is caught, she is lying...does she think looking directly at them will convince them otherwise?

  20. Danger Ravioli

    Danger Ravioli

    As someone who's been hit in the face with a water bottle: my entire nose was swollen, I sounded like my nose was stuffed for days, my skin was discoloured to my eyes... Make up alone won't hide a bruised/broken nose