She just wanted attention from her dad 🥺😢 LeoNata family

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  1. vendrapu 1990

    vendrapu 1990

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    Good 👍 you are you so cute in your meeting and my friend are

  2. F_FL00P second channel idk

    F_FL00P second channel idk

    Před 6 hodinami

    He had a call probably a buisiness call this happens with my mom all the time and it’s fine

  3. Sea Bass

    Sea Bass

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    I wish you could report something for being bad. Like a, “this is so bad”.

  4. رقية محمد خليل

    رقية محمد خليل

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    بطلة فلم انطلق لوجيان جيان 🙂

  5. LanieIsSleepy


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    The dad could’ve been busy-

  6. Diego Oof

    Diego Oof

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    That ain’t look fun to me

  7. Александра Волкова

    Александра Волкова

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    Пустил по ⭕ в прямом смысле

  8. ★irish★


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    Wow i go there before in dubai now im at philipines

  9. ValikMuratov


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    Ты надоел в каждом видео говорить по телефону

  10. Najwa Khaled

    Najwa Khaled

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  11. Jessica Tamang

    Jessica Tamang

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  12. Debora Sienni

    Debora Sienni

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    He never pay attention!

  13. Just a Couple of Weebs

    Just a Couple of Weebs

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    the boy to the dad at the end: 😠🤙🫵

  14. Rafael Sancho

    Rafael Sancho

    Před 14 hodinami

    Bro Stop A Drama😂

  15. Mia


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    That's just pretend!

  16. Rayner Singoi

    Rayner Singoi

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    it broke my Heart also…😭🥺🥹

  17. Pathak


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    FEagle eagle eagle beaker was wasn’t it in the yellow box yeah but I can’t find it in there I know where it

  18. Maria Silva

    Maria Silva

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  19. Leonardo Santos

    Leonardo Santos

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  20. Teedy


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    Dude don’t run off with a stranger