Turn Around!

I guess every now and then they fall apart!
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Komentáře: 411 

  1. bebo darweesh

    bebo darweesh

    Let's be honest here, he's indeed a good singer

  2. Monkey D Luffy

    Monkey D Luffy

    You can’t blame him for not turning around the song is classic you can’t resist it

  3. baysrd07


    I miss how these "classics" would show the original comics that inspired the short

  4. The Laughing Man

    The Laughing Man

    This is what happens when you don't understand your friends. He was telling him the song he wanted to play at his funeral but his jerk friend kept yelling to turn around

  5. Nicolò Vinciguerra

    Nicolò Vinciguerra

    This was.....a little masterpiece

  6. IanPerez48


    This was predictable, yet I still love it and I have a smile on my face

  7. Name Redacted

    Name Redacted

    Gotta love the Classics

  8. Miss Anne Thrope

    Miss Anne Thrope

    I started singing this song as soon as I saw the title, and I laughed when he started singing too!

  9. G. B.

    G. B.

    That crash will result in a total eclipse of the heart for both of them! 🙀

  10. Captain Phoenix

    Captain Phoenix

    I saw this joke coming and, I'm sorry...

  11. Geraldine Lewis

    Geraldine Lewis

    I laughed so hard. I also have a habit of bursting out into song if someone says something that reminds me of a song lyric

  12. caffeineadvocate


    That was a hell of a stage dive..

  13. Kentama


    "Stop!! Stoooopppp!!!"

  14. HythMe O_O

    HythMe O_O

    Now I have to go to the karaoke and sing this song, thanks Cyanide & Happiness!

  15. jkor


    hey dude there a killer chasing after us

  16. Andromeda Kai

    Andromeda Kai

    That was phenomenal, I'm obsessed with that song 😍

  17. Salvador Romero

    Salvador Romero

    His voice..... Its beautiful

  18. John Smith

    John Smith

    That voice though 👀

  19. Giga Chad

    Giga Chad

    The next video is literally about heaven

  20. Guido Jacobs

    Guido Jacobs

    Does anyone else want to hear the full song like this?