Tracy Chapman - Fast Car - 12/4/1988 - Oakland Coliseum Arena (Official)

Tracy Chapman - Fast Car
Recorded Live: 12/4/1988 - Oakland Coliseum Arena - Oakland, CA
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  1. Omar


    Před hodinou

    Music is life

  2. Peter Tasker

    Peter Tasker

    Před 2 hodinami

    We're fuck.

  3. Peter Tasker

    Peter Tasker

    Před 2 hodinami

    Still relevant.

  4. King Dom

    King Dom

    Před 3 hodinami

    Love this song

  5. Janice Thomson

    Janice Thomson

    Před 4 hodinami


  6. Rachael Knox

    Rachael Knox

    Před 8 hodinami

    number 1 song

  7. Tank Seldou

    Tank Seldou

    Před 9 hodinami


  8. Stephen Stone

    Stephen Stone

    Před 15 hodinami

    What a voice! xx

  9. Jerry Rowe

    Jerry Rowe

    Před 16 hodinami

    This song hits. Such a classic.

  10. susanne means

    susanne means

    Před 18 hodinami

    Still after 32.years.she still sounds great!!!

  11. The Truth

    The Truth

    Před 20 hodinami

    This song ages like wine it just gets better and better!

  12. RONNO 1

    RONNO 1

    Před 23 hodinami


  13. Claudia Boimé

    Claudia Boimé

    Před dnem

    tame impala

  14. Grant Hebb

    Grant Hebb

    Před dnem

    this song is so powerful, made me stop and think when i was younger. legend

  15. Carole Jones

    Carole Jones

    Před dnem

    Love this song!

  16. Way Word

    Way Word

    Před dnem

    I remember when this came out. This is exceptional talent and passion, this is true music. Well Done and Love it.

  17. Nathaniel Ayeke

    Nathaniel Ayeke

    Před dnem

    Awesome Tracy...

  18. alfonso Martin

    alfonso Martin

    Před dnem

    ok i never heard this song and it came on with the autoplay... first thing i thought i heard (im not a native english) "you've got the fattest cock"

  19. japhet blp

    japhet blp

    Před dnem


  20. Emmanuel Kilat

    Emmanuel Kilat

    Před dnem

    This the day the before I was born. 12-588



    Před dnem

    Check this song out! Buy here:

  22. Trevaryn Hudson

    Trevaryn Hudson

    Před dnem

    I was born 2 months after this and grew up in Oakland, kinda cool to think about.

  23. Jason Rohde

    Jason Rohde

    Před dnem

    2020 and this still hits it

  24. Debbie Smith

    Debbie Smith

    Před dnem

    I listen to this song as a inspiration of HOPE...You want something better than you have...You work and you fight for it.. The ones you love, you hope and provide for.

  25. John Proctor

    John Proctor

    Před dnem

    *Before watching this* Covid was a thing *After watching this* Covid was no more

  26. charly horse

    charly horse

    Před dnem

    What a goddess!!

  27. Joseph Brains

    Joseph Brains

    Před dnem

    Oh you ARE someone!!!



    Před dnem

    nasci ouvido esta musica

  29. Timothy Hood

    Timothy Hood

    Před dnem

    why do people dislike nobody cares about your shitty opinion

  30. Mamusu Bangura

    Mamusu Bangura

    Před dnem

    32 years.....I can remember when it was released! A Classic👌🏾👌🏾

  31. Rute Arsenio

    Rute Arsenio

    Před 2 dny

    This is heartbreaking! A life of pain and hope in 5.36 seconds...

  32. Travis Bannon

    Travis Bannon

    Před 2 dny

    One of my favorite’s wish there were newer songs

  33. Josiane Agathe

    Josiane Agathe

    Před 2 dny

    Tes belles chansons tes belles paroles tes doigts magiques ta voix unique est appréciée de toutes la planète tu es FORMIDABLE ,CÉLÈBRE , GRANDE GUITARISTE merci boookou LOVE YOU TRACY CHAPMAN 🎸🎸🎸🔔❤👏👍🙏😘🎸🎶🎧🎤👍

  34. Nicholas Revello

    Nicholas Revello

    Před 2 dny


  35. now song

    now song

    Před 2 dny

    After watched this song cover by Justin Bieber and Khalid on Radio1 finally I came here.. What amazing singer and the song is incredible meaningful

  36. Dale Wikfors

    Dale Wikfors

    Před 2 dny


  37. Rolando Velasquez

    Rolando Velasquez

    Před 2 dny


  38. Colleen Breadner

    Colleen Breadner

    Před 2 dny

    5k people had a slow car

    • Wearenotperfect


      Před 2 dny

      5k people have no soul!

  39. Jen Salazar

    Jen Salazar

    Před 2 dny


  40. james lewis

    james lewis

    Před 2 dny

    I'm 25 and grew up listening to this

  41. tommy two-times

    tommy two-times

    Před 2 dny

    she looks like ksi

  42. lynn nash

    lynn nash

    Před 3 dny

    Still listening wonderful memories 💙

  43. Philipp Kowalski

    Philipp Kowalski

    Před 3 dny

    Oh my... I'm 24 again...

  44. Qadar now

    Qadar now

    Před 3 dny

    Everybody who is reading these. One day you will be living the live you have been dreaming of. Blz bleave me time will get better. 100%💖🥰

  45. Jay Pible

    Jay Pible

    Před 3 dny

    i’ve never listened to the lyrics before,, brb 🤧🤧🤧🤧

  46. Darryl Lee

    Darryl Lee

    Před 3 dny


  47. Sukh Cheema

    Sukh Cheema

    Před 3 dny


  48. Elmo Blatch

    Elmo Blatch

    Před 3 dny

    Folks, if Tracy had stopped at this song she would have been a legend. It's that good. But no, she went on to write a whole lot of other great songs that will rip your heart straight out. Tracy Chapman is a living legend.

    • Nathaniel Ayeke

      Nathaniel Ayeke

      Před dnem

      True, don't know why some artists keep their songs and don't release them, just like Prince. I mean its more money, fame and legendary.

  49. adrian aron

    adrian aron

    Před 3 dny

    Do you know what modern music lost, it lost stories, music pop culutre has lost its fricking soul!!! All we have are memories!

  50. adrian aron

    adrian aron

    Před 3 dny

    Wait 1988!!! How the fuck the videos this good!!

  51. Adam Jones

    Adam Jones

    Před 3 dny

    i came here to find out if tracy chapman was a man or woman. Now im more confused than when i started.

  52. Sam Van den Eynde

    Sam Van den Eynde

    Před 3 dny

    Aaah so THIS is what an artist looks like.

  53. Andrew Hoggett

    Andrew Hoggett

    Před 3 dny

    this song one of my favorites ever my daughter heard it for first time recently she asked me to play it over a few times after about the 3 time hearing it she could almost sing it word for word hope she will pass this awesome song to her generation also

  54. Randy Seaman

    Randy Seaman

    Před 3 dny

    God, I love this song.

  55. Dean Herrod

    Dean Herrod

    Před 3 dny

    Wowsers........ Remember it just like in 88" , a HS Senior then ⏬ A Super Heavy Song............... Special is all I can say & how it shaped me....... WOW ❗❗❗❗❗ Didn't realize the importance then ➡ 30 years later 😍 Formed the Stone in My Household and that's a #Fact #ThankYouTracy ................. Never One Since ❗❗❗❗❗❗

  56. Black-SA Wizba

    Black-SA Wizba

    Před 3 dny

    What happened to Good Music 😞🎵🎶🎧

  57. J.G. Finch

    J.G. Finch

    Před 3 dny

    Growing in a small town this makes me want to cry. 😢 know the feeling

  58. Vanessa Johnson

    Vanessa Johnson

    Před 3 dny

    She has an intoxicating voice it's almost magical and this song is so close to my heart because I pretty much lived it just a little differently but still I had to tell somebody to take their fast car and keep on driving a long time ago... This song is ageless I'm 41 and I've loved it for as long as I can remember I just can't believe it ended up playing out later in my life.

  59. Xander R

    Xander R

    Před 3 dny

    It's criminal that this is the first time I'm hearing about this talented singer

  60. Steve Sheppard

    Steve Sheppard

    Před 3 dny

    After I finished work, used to join with my mates. Travel to the beach and get absolutely stoned to this song. Wait for the waves to roll in as the sea extended its reach over the sands. Maybe make out with a girl or have some deep conversation with a friend. Drive home and go back to work.... Damn, I miss those times.

  61. Mario Campos

    Mario Campos

    Před 3 dny


  62. Brent T Graney

    Brent T Graney

    Před 4 dny

    This is pure and amazing in so many ways. I can’t think of a better live performance of a person with a guitar delivering such a powerful message

  63. Darren Gadd

    Darren Gadd

    Před 4 dny

    Beautiful ..............

  64. Cayman Gentry

    Cayman Gentry

    Před 4 dny

    Who else is here?

  65. Victor Costa

    Victor Costa

    Před 4 dny

    How can you not love this 😍

  66. Tony Ves

    Tony Ves

    Před 4 dny

    Pure poetry.

  67. Abena Williams

    Abena Williams

    Před 4 dny

    Part of my childhood. Love it.

  68. Mateja Stojanovic

    Mateja Stojanovic

    Před 4 dny


  69. Bil Clements

    Bil Clements

    Před 4 dny

    I'll tell ya what this is real deal stuff first. Second any artist listening to this this spead up choped with a 2 verses in keep the first and 2nd to last. Instant hit Hollywood here we come! Dont forget me.

  70. Andrea Sanabria

    Andrea Sanabria

    Před 4 dny

    👏👏👏👏👏👏 Bravo!!! Excelente canción del recuerdo, tiempos de oro dirían mis padres 💛💞👍🎶👌🤙

  71. Bradley Bebop

    Bradley Bebop

    Před 4 dny


  72. Dawn Mccormick

    Dawn Mccormick

    Před 4 dny

    Me. Can't believe this song was so long ago , she was such a fresh voice then, like nothing had ever heard. Somehow, the pop music of the last ten years doesn't measure up.Anyone agree?

  73. Desiree Butler

    Desiree Butler

    Před 5 dny

    High school days in 😊nyc I miss you always

  74. mohamad ikbal

    mohamad ikbal

    Před 5 dny

    I lost my father 2 years ago..he introduce me this song 30 years ago..



    Před 5 dny

    Who's listening in 2020

  76. Frosty2211


    Před 5 dny

    One of the only songs I know, that needs no music

  77. Peter Taylor

    Peter Taylor

    Před 5 dny

    She was great.

  78. Forest


    Před 5 dny

    Truly timeless. What a beautiful and powerful song.

  79. Crystal Fortune

    Crystal Fortune

    Před 5 dny


  80. Luke Binnendyk

    Luke Binnendyk

    Před 5 dny

    I’m from 2021, it hasn’t gotten better yet

  81. Allan Morris

    Allan Morris

    Před 6 dny

    I cannot recall a moment when this song didn't make me cry

  82. 尉遲恭G


    Před 6 dny

    WOW! Tracy Chapman is so very....BEAUTIFUL. I love her singing. I will love her singing to my dying day....for sure!

  83. Daniel Tucker

    Daniel Tucker

    Před 6 dny

    I love this song. Being a teenager is difficult in normal circumstances, but being very poor at the same time...devastating. When this came out on the radio, it went straight to my heart. It's poignancy floored me. I knew that this lady understood me. She felt my pain. I felt that everybody out there, that could relate to this song, was somehow related to me - related by struggles and suffering. Today is better... 30+ years down the road and this song still inspires me.

  84. Frankie Figz

    Frankie Figz

    Před 6 dny

    What fking racism!!!

  85. jen sen

    jen sen

    Před 6 dny

    even trappers relate to this

  86. Jeffrey Moscardelli

    Jeffrey Moscardelli

    Před 6 dny

    It's sad today's music and record company's are to knuckle dragging lazy to find real talent like this over shit-pop-hip-hop auto tune over produced music today funny how many young people hate today's music also

    • Isaac M-C

      Isaac M-C

      Před 3 dny

      The saddest part is that when you look for it, you will find some really amazing modern artists that haven’t found the spotlight because record companies favour money over talent.

  87. Joe Williams

    Joe Williams

    Před 6 dny

    What a wonderful song... Still sounds great

  88. Andres Antiles

    Andres Antiles

    Před 6 dny


  89. Lewis Tricker

    Lewis Tricker

    Před 7 dny

    Forza Ancona! Forza Portsmouth, lovely mia vita in una canzone...grazie Tracy.

  90. Aiko Giron

    Aiko Giron

    Před 7 dny

    I thought this is 2010's music. It just played randomly while I'm busy

    • A-A-Ron :

      A-A-Ron :

      Před 6 dny

      This is the foundation boss

  91. susanne vitaro

    susanne vitaro

    Před 7 dny

    This track is so sad. The circumstances keep repeating. I know it’s true. I wish alcohol was illegal xx

  92. Lord Leo Tactical

    Lord Leo Tactical

    Před 7 dny

    Well CZstate here we are and where are we going. Gonna enjoy this trip Started with Fleetwood mac dreams.

  93. Abara Nihei

    Abara Nihei

    Před 7 dny

    The Songwriting is next Level!

  94. juliagulia


    Před 7 dny

    One of my favorite singers and songs of all times.

  95. Josh Radtke

    Josh Radtke

    Před 7 dny


  96. Antonio Vanderlan Aguiar Neris

    Antonio Vanderlan Aguiar Neris

    Před 7 dny

    linda música , é de tirar o fôlego quando pensamos naquele pessoa que jamais será esquecida !!!

  97. Justin Larcombe

    Justin Larcombe

    Před 7 dny


  98. Lyssa Scott

    Lyssa Scott

    Před 7 dny

    timeless. deep. raw. true.

  99. BazekBlu


    Před 7 dny

    This song is so amazing!!!

  100. Benoit Reiters

    Benoit Reiters

    Před 7 dny