The Faceless VS Anabolic Horse - Strength Wars League 2K17 #24

Only one who can beat the FACELESS! Anabolic Horse... current leader of the league! How will this battle end? LET´S watch todays episode until the end!
Strength Wars League 2k17 FINALS:
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Here we go in Strength Wars League 2k17 #24 - Faceless VS Anabolic Horse with the following run:
Squats 180kg / 396lbs 10 reps
Deadlift 200kg / 440lbs 10 reps
Pull Pps 20kg / 44lbs 10 reps
Bench Press 130kg / 286lbs 15 reps
Fronthold 20kg / 44lbs 30 seconds
Loading Medley with
- KEG 70kg/154lbs + 90kg/198lbs
- SANDBAG 100kg/220lbs
- STONE 80kg/176lbs + 110kg/242lbs
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● The Faceless:
● Anabolic Horse:
● Romano Rengel VS The Rottweiler:
● Thomas Faber VS John Gomez:
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    Před 4 lety

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  2. Erik Linderstam

    Erik Linderstam

    Před rokem

    When you wanna do a full body workout but the gym closes in 10 minutes

  3. Ronnie Andrade

    Ronnie Andrade

    Před rokem

    Who still comes back to these from time to watch these epic battles?

  4. K Universe

    K Universe

    Před 4 lety

    AH definitely had the most potential to beat the Faceless... at this point the Faceless might as well be undefeated lol

  5. The Angular Avenger

    The Angular Avenger

    Před rokem

    "Enough cardio for today."

  6. Bikash Jha

    Bikash Jha

    Před 3 lety

    If faceless has weight equal to eddie hall...he could probably squat the whole earth

  7. Alexandre César

    Alexandre César

    Před 4 lety

    That's just The Faceless' warmup, he is an absolute beast.

  8. Tim Fitzgerald

    Tim Fitzgerald

    Před 4 lety

    The face of strength wars is the faceless.... Poetic

  9. AngelosWanted


    Před 4 lety

    Omg Faceless is so damn strong it's insane. He's such an insane athlete!

  10. 2 Brownish Girls

    2 Brownish Girls

    Před 4 lety


  11. Matthew Burgner

    Matthew Burgner

    Před 2 lety

    Damn. I've seen a few of these now and this is the first guy I've seen that stood a real chance of beating the Faceless. If he didn't waste all those incomplete pullups he would have been real close.

  12. Xol •

    Xol •

    Před 4 lety

    Pretty amazing, props to both for the insane work they put in. Both are crazy strong but Faceless is just next level

  13. Sparsh Rawat

    Sparsh Rawat

    Před 4 lety

    Legends says that anabolic horse is still doing pulls up

  14. CJ Fitness

    CJ Fitness

    Před 4 lety

    Crazy that the faceless demonstrated greater strength-to-weight ratio and absolute strength than the Anabolic Horse.

  15. galoobigboi


    Před 4 lety

    I'm not into weightlifting,but I find this format to be enjoyable and fun.

  16. Patrik Hrubý

    Patrik Hrubý

    Před 4 lety

    Battle we all wanted <3 Both of them incredible performance, but The Faceless is only one! :-)

  17. Christian G-berg

    Christian G-berg

    Před 4 lety

    Been watching this episode at least three times now - it´s so impressive to see these guys in action ^^

  18. Andreas Neophytou

    Andreas Neophytou

    Před 4 lety

    Amazing battle! Didn't expect it to take that long for that last rep of the anabolic horse!

  19. TheNjiva1


    Před 4 lety

    The support from everyone else is fuckin' incredible <3

  20. Boris Philippo

    Boris Philippo

    Před 4 lety

    Hey strenghtwars, really love this show. But you need to do something about the half repping. Horse his squats were not even close to standing straight up.