50 Incredible Moments Caught on CCTV Camera

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CCTV cameras capture all kinds of footage - but only the best of it ends up in our selection.
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  1. tag minda

    tag minda

    That goat is a genius...

  2. Cat C

    Cat C

    The ostrich one was the best 🤣🤣

  3. Tina Quinn

    Tina Quinn

    Gee I hope that 1st Dog that slid off the building chasing that cat was ok

  4. Bobby Tucker

    Bobby Tucker

    Your commentary makes the video all the more better, Thank you, great video.

  5. Paddy Cooper

    Paddy Cooper

    Best watched on silence so you don't hear the squeaky commentary

  6. Chris Carson

    Chris Carson

    The garbage can the trash truck operator threw into the truck was probably for a rival company. The waste disposal companies I've used in the past want you to rent and use their cans.

  7. Over Educated sp

    Over Educated sp

    Our elders should mean more to us, in North America.

  8. Star B

    Star B

    I swear as soon as I got to

  9. Nunya Bidness

    Nunya Bidness


  10. PinkHare43


    If I ver seen someone doing a package like that of mine? Something I paid good money for, and they treat it like that? Hell no! It’s on!

  11. Amanda Klein

    Amanda Klein

    It's rare I actually laugh out loud but I couldn't help myself, loved the angry animals the best. U tell them pesky humans!!!

  12. William Reble

    William Reble

    Thanks for the video, nice job. I'm on my back recovering from knee replacements, I NEEDED a good laugh!

  13. FantomGhost


    Great video Mind Warehouse

  14. FeedScrn


    That last snow-removal one was funny. They were all done. It looked great. Then all of a sudden.... "Here's a little more for you lads". lol

  15. steve bald

    steve bald

    So...I'm old if i remember Rikishi? Damn...sounds about right...

  16. Roxanne Allen

    Roxanne Allen

    Thanks for another great video I love your channel

  17. George Vasquez

    George Vasquez

    I love watching these video, THANK U MY FRIENDS!!

  18. west carter

    west carter

    Irony'.. That Super Dog Saver went about his business and the other guy more or less got the credit 👉🙀🐕😹👈

  19. J.C. Langston

    J.C. Langston

    The man who saved the dog from be decapitated is an absolute hero 🙌 👏 That was as close as it gets & I don't know that I could have redacted that quickly in the same situation 🤔

  20. Mocking69