RICH STUDENTS VS BROKE STUDENTS || Funny Situations At School by 123 GO!

Whether you’re bored in class, or are simply tired of it all… We’re all just people, no matter how much money is in our wallets. If you had all the money in the world, what would you do to make school more interesting?
Could you relate to these rich student vs broke student problems? Which scenario have you found yourself in before? Be sure to share this video with your friends to give them a laugh! And don’t forget to subscribe to 123 Go’s CZstate page!
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  1. -*Uma Buccanero-*

    -*Uma Buccanero-*

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    Who’s in 8th grade and like STACKS of homework DEFENETLY me

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    Sewli Ghosh

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  3. Suresh Reddy

    Suresh Reddy

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    Omg Lana at first was stunning when she did that hair thingy

  4. Kenzie Johnson

    Kenzie Johnson

    Před 4 hodinami

    How many phones does lanna have?

  5. Kenzie Johnson

    Kenzie Johnson

    Před 4 hodinami

    How did lannna get a car and Adam didn’t

  6. Au’Bree Brown

    Au’Bree Brown

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    Allie Pennington

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  8. N V Laxmi Priya

    N V Laxmi Priya

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  9. Victoria Bewley

    Victoria Bewley

    Před 7 hodinami

    im like the guy isent poor he has 2 phones ;-;

  10. Freanne Garin

    Freanne Garin

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  11. Kazumi Libres

    Kazumi Libres

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    Steven:broke student Lana: rich student

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    Aswini kitchen & beauty

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    Buting Elementary

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  17. Moneek Bryant

    Moneek Bryant

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    I don't like your voice

  18. Ana Katrina Santiago

    Ana Katrina Santiago

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    can i hear your real voices

  19. Yara Jaber

    Yara Jaber

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    For some reason why is for the is backpack and the scooter like girly stuff just is he a girl? But you know they also just use the same Voice for every character

  20. シŘβ シ

    シŘβ シ

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    I love the music for Lana’s entrance I love it

  21. Sonic BOOM plush

    Sonic BOOM plush

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    Funny! When he said time to get my grub on!I smelled food from the kitchen

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    beverly kendrick

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  23. Quintavia Wooten

    Quintavia Wooten

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  24. Kavya’z World

    Kavya’z World

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    How is Steven broke if he has a phone?



      Před 22 hodinami

      IKR he’s just normal

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    Rita Chavez

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    Tylia Williams

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  30. Elfia Desa

    Elfia Desa

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    Jade Collins

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    Amutha Rubi

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  43. AJ Teodoro

    AJ Teodoro

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    Tony Young

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  45. I am Somebody ÙwÚ

    I am Somebody ÙwÚ

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    *TBH He Is Just A Normal Student Trying To Save Money*



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