New Parent Stereotypes

New Parent Stereotypes... Love 'em or Hate 'em, we all know 'em!
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Komentáře: 10 174 

  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude Perfect

    Sorry Blippi 🤷🏻‍♂️ 😅

  2. A Glimpse Inside

    A Glimpse Inside

    Now I’m just patiently awaiting, parents of teenagers stereotypes.

  3. Camille Marston

    Camille Marston

    I love how Tyler’s kids are the “chaos kids” little rage monsters

  4. Saw Dude

    Saw Dude

    Před 21 dnem

    I love to see how far these guys have come been watching them since that first video

  5. Travelers Paradise

    Travelers Paradise

    This makes me want to be a parent 😅

  6. LISA - TAP-My P!C:* To F.CUK! Me Tonight

    LISA - TAP-My P!C:* To F.CUK! Me Tonight

    Před 21 dnem

    This has been my favorite stereotypes video so far. Absolutely hilarious!

  7. Xavier


    EVERY parent can relate to these. But y'all make it hilarious!!😂😂

  8. Kewbix


    I like how all the other dads didn’t want to ask if she was pregnant or not either lol

  9. Nicole Breuer

    Nicole Breuer

    Před 21 dnem

    Dude perfect always makes me laugh! They should never stop doing what they do! And I like how Cody always gets attacked by the rage monster.

  10. Merry Watson

    Merry Watson

    Před 14 dny

    This is my new favorite out of all the stereotypes! Loved it!😂

  11. ChrisMC


    These videos are Hilarious 😂

  12. kaido waido

    kaido waido

    What I love about the rage monster is that every stereotype they expand the rage monster into destroying more and expensive stuff

  13. Moira Wade

    Moira Wade

    I LOVE all of your stereotype videos. They make me laugh every time!

  14. Peyton Gross

    Peyton Gross

    Před 14 dny

    Just had my first kid 2 days ago and my brother sent me this. So amazing 🤣

  15. II N0XY II

    II N0XY II

    Před 21 dnem

    I love how Blippi just yeeted the water at his face laughing hard 😂

  16. LISA - TAP-My P!C:* To F.CUK! Me Tonight

    LISA - TAP-My P!C:* To F.CUK! Me Tonight

    Před 21 dnem

    I love watching these videos! They need to make a childhood stereotype episode where they do the different kinds of teenagers!

  17. RapisGames


    I love how they can still get the rage monster in every single stereotypes video

  18. Revonda gail

    Revonda gail

    Dude Perfect always making me laugh!! This video is probably the best one yet!

  19. Jessica Smith

    Jessica Smith

    Před 11 hodinami

    These never cease to make me laugh! Y’all should so do a school stereotypes!

  20. Brodoff


    It's so funny how during every rage monster bit Cody just stands aside like "Ahhh nooo stop doing that!!"