Encanto but just Pepa

Check out all the clips of Pepa in Encanto movie.
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  1. Vinnie


    I noticed that everytime something bad happens, Felix's first reaction is to turn to Pepa and make sure she's okay. That's a top notch husband there.

  2. i_love_you3000


    I love how Felix bursts through the door to tell Mirabel about Bruno like he's waited his whole life to do it

  3. Serenity the Siren

    Serenity the Siren

    I love how Pepa's picture on the Madrigal family painting shows her as happy, when most of the scenes she's in, she's either sad or mad.

  4. Raptor Ren

    Raptor Ren

    On rewatch, Pepa’s interactions with Abuela is a good sign the family is fractured. She always gets super defensive, as if she was criticized heavily most of her life.

  5. SanRuiz


    Felix is actually a perfect husband for her

  6. Kiersten Williams

    Kiersten Williams

    I wish we would have seen more of Pepa with Dolores, I just always love the mother/daughter dynamic especially with how adorable Julieta and Mirabel were! It’s got me so curious to what Pepa and Dolores’ relationship was like

  7. Hugo Mendoza

    Hugo Mendoza

    All the characters are very expressive, but I think they made Pepa's facial expressions even more expressive since her gift is related to her mood.

  8. Movies798


    I love Pepa. Especially her personality and powers. Felix is a lucky guy to have a woman like her.

  9. Alexandra Luneau

    Alexandra Luneau

    A small detail I love is when Mirabel comes back to the house with all the kids in the beginning, and you hear Pepa scream "I made a rainbow!" with such joy in her voice. It's just a cute dialogue detail, but I really find it endearing.

  10. Pika the Mimikyu

    Pika the Mimikyu


  11. issythekitty13


    Pepa and dolores probably have the hardest gift. Pepa cant express her feeling, and dolores cant stop hearing even when she want. Yes Luisa and Isa struggle too, but at least they can rest and feel the emotion when they are alone.

  12. loraine


    What really happened in Pepa's wedding:

  13. Annabel Scriven

    Annabel Scriven


  14. Homiesexual



  15. Alexa Bessee

    Alexa Bessee

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  16. Andy Reydiz

    Andy Reydiz

    I just love how Pepa's expression changes at the minute

  17. _peachiiipop_



  18. Arden Skylark

    Arden Skylark

    Pepa is magnetic to watch. Watching her glow with pride at Antonio her smile is melting and her dynamism when she's stressing about losing Antonio "what do you want from me" I adore how she puts whole self into every moment xD

  19. 『 ᴀɴᴀ 』

    『 ᴀɴᴀ 』

    Gotta love how both Pepa and Felix were smiling at Mirabel and Antonio when they were going upstairs. Maybe they just smiled for Antonio but eh i like to think they smiled for Mirabel too :)

  20. me1me1me1


    So glad she could let it all put in the end, holding it in and trying to be happy all the time must have been so tiering