Scar being my favourite f*cking character for 12 minutes straight

Had to upload this again because of copyright- might have to do it again too :’)
Scar has been a long-time favourite villain of mine and is my favourite Disney character, so I said fuck it and made a 12-minute video highlighting my favourite moments of his. I might do similar videos to this with other villains too, so keep an eye out for those.

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  1. Jervis Tetch

    Jervis Tetch

    Jon:"Okey guys here me out !

  2. TheAdvertisement


    Před 28 dny

    The amount of detail put into Scar being done with everyone's sh*t,

  3. -ana-


    Před 21 dnem

    It's crazy how as a kid we dislike this type of characters but as a grown up we enjoy them more than the "good" ones.

  4. PinkWaffles


    "your so weird"

  5. Kiara Williams

    Kiara Williams

    Před 28 dny

    Mufasa really ain’t shit for not warning simba about his psycho uncle lol

  6. Fattus Cattus

    Fattus Cattus

    Scar may have made a few mistakes here and there, but he was still king for longer than a lot of more powerful villains. Dude was a terrific villain.

  7. Your Tako Bro [MARCeronii]

    Your Tako Bro [MARCeronii]


  8. Maenad


    I never picked up on how petty, sassy, sarcastic and flamboyant scar was as a kid. Lmao

  9. rainbowzoeshimer


    Scar is funny as hell 🤣 The way he just acted like he didn't give a shit when Mufasa got in his face saying "Is that a challenge?" God, that was hilarious.

  10. Donut Loving Werewolf

    Donut Loving Werewolf

    ngl that part where Scar is talking about monkeys and graveyards, He'd be a pretty good uncle if he wasn't so evil

  11. Gàcha Thé Spoøk

    Gàcha Thé Spoøk

    Csn we all agree that if Scar was alive him and Zira would be unstoppable. They litteraly fill earchothers weeknesses. Scar is a good manipulator but is bad at combat on the other hand Zira isn't a greatest manipulator but is great at combat. This duo would be unstoppable

  12. Rx Hx

    Rx Hx

    I've always felt a connection to villains. While I don't justify for Scar's murderous actions, I'm 100% with him when it comes to his feelings of jealousy, being-less-than, the weird, offbeat, unfit one. I feel for the underdogs, those who have to deal with their peers, friends or close ones being all entitled and perfect and heroic and skillful and outgoing and fluffy. I know why villains are the way they are. I am partly villain and so are you.

  13. le fu

    le fu

    unpopular take: Scar character is far too intelligent to be able to kill his own brother. Scar is too well written to be an actual villain.

  14. Oh No

    Oh No

    I know he's an utterly irredeemable monster but he's just so fun!

  15. hollowknightfan 237

    hollowknightfan 237

    Fun fact: Jeremy Irons put so much into the "YOU WON'T GET A SNIFF WITHOUT ME" part of the song that he actually had to be replaced; he didn't sing the song as it's shown in the final cut of the movie.

  16. Undyne


    Damn, I don't remember Scar being relatable to a certain extent and hilarious as a kid.

  17. Rough Woof

    Rough Woof

    The amount of editing you put into this is nothing short of impeccable. It took a lot of dedication. I recognize your time that you put into this. Great job.

  18. Kotisnotacat


    Před 28 dny

    makes me realize how different disney was back then, how their films were actually a work of Art, not just bubblegum for kids to make money.

  19. burningruin666


    He would be such a bad-ass uncle if he did not when the whole killing family thing. Would have loved to see him as the one who would not shy away from doing bad for the better of the pride

  20. Mere C

    Mere C

    Ah, the “I’m so much smarter than my older brother” trio: Scar, Azula, and Loki.