Highlights | Czechia vs. Austria | 2022

Austria claimed its first ever victory over Czechia after a tense shootout success in Tampere.
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Komentáře: 276 

  1. Tristan Tronje

    Tristan Tronje

    I am just proud at our boys. On paper we should not stand a chance against Czech team. But it seemed, that we just wanted it more today.

  2. PengWin0420


    WOW. i cant belive Austria got 3 whole points in last 2 games 😳 Amazing and well done, Congratz

  3. Patrick G

    Patrick G

    As a Canadian and Austrian citizen I am very proud of our Austrian team.

  4. Phil Brühweiler

    Phil Brühweiler

    so geil!! congrats nach Österreich aus der Schweiz 🇦🇹🇨🇭

  5. MrStrelecek


    Congrats to Austria from Czechia! A deserved loss for us.

  6. JakubSlovensko


    I think Austria deserves regular spot in WC hockey. They put good game with Swedes and the score wasn't the worst. Took Americans to overtime and defeated CZ in shootouts. We will see their next games but they went with strong teams and put a good fight.

  7. BreakingSoul


    Very happy for austrians! The shootout goal was insane!

  8. Phil


    In the comments here you see how fair the czech fans are. I really appreciate that. I know they are disappointed but I think we deserved at least one point and in overtime everything can happen.

  9. Marek_23 -

    Marek_23 -

    We are starting to be worse and worse ☹️ Austria you really deserve this win good luck in next matches

  10. Mlg Sty

    Mlg Sty

    The last Czech player in shootouts just looked like he didnt even try bruh.

  11. Dmitrijs Stecko

    Dmitrijs Stecko

    Respect Austria, really well played!!

  12. Be Life

    Be Life

    Great job Austria!👍greatings from Latvian hockey fan!👌

  13. LiveForever


    I feel bad for the Czechs,an unexpected reuslt. Fair play to Austria, one of the darkhorses of the tourment.

  14. RTV Gaming

    RTV Gaming

    Dude after the 3:5 loss against Sweden mainly because of PP's I was so hyped that we will run over Austria and will have a good time watching good hockey.. the last shootout shot from Krejci was like "Fuck this shit, enjoy your win" and to be frank I agree, enjoy your win Austria, you deserved full 3 points to be honest.

  15. Midi Music Forever

    Midi Music Forever

    Austria has been the biggest positive surprise in this tornament!

  16. The Moravian Eagle

    The Moravian Eagle

    Congrats to Austria.Well deserved.Our stars should wake up before it's too late.Hertl and Vrana are very average and huge disappointment so far.Hopefuly Pasta wil wake the team up!

  17. Katrīna Krapse

    Katrīna Krapse

    Good job Austria! 👏

  18. Highlander


    Austria played unexpected good the first 3 games. They are able to survive in A WC and maybe more.....

  19. arzka66


    Well done Austria!

  20. GentlemanClub


    Czech im still with you guys , you 100x better than Usa , ggs from Finland 💯💯 Austria ggs