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Anabolic Horse: krasinsky
Anabolic Horse's CZstate: www.youtube.com/c/AnabolicHorse

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  1. Josef Rakich Fitness

    Josef Rakich Fitness

    11 reps is just mind blowing...

  2. Jayden Krishen

    Jayden Krishen

    Nice to see larry being soo honest about his cycle. Not many people talk about cycles. Appriciate the honesty man

  3. Anabolic Horse

    Anabolic Horse

    Thank you very much guys!❤️ Larry it was the biggest honor to meet you again.

  4. Cannon


    I love how Larry is so open with his anabolic usage . It’s so refreshing in a world where everybody pretends to be Superman natural .

  5. TL Message

    TL Message

    Anabolic horse saving "one more" the same way I was when I was eating tacos last night.

  6. The Real McCoy

    The Real McCoy

    Scientists need to study that guy, the only human to ever train with Larry without getting injured 😂

  7. omgurheadsgone


    Holy fuck. Larry seriously just did 11 reps of 745lb deadlifts. God damn. That’s insane lmao.

  8. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Just casually repping out 750 on deads, I expected 6 reps but Larry just blew away my expectations

  9. MJ Dhnao

    MJ Dhnao

    That's why the community has accepted Larry. There's not a single lie that comes out of this dude's mouth. Big props bro!

  10. paul gibson

    paul gibson

    Love Larry's transparency, so so rare in the fitness world.

  11. FlyBoy


    Really appreciate the honesty, makes Larry even more likeable.

  12. Andrew Gilbert

    Andrew Gilbert

    Now here's one beast that can actually keep up with Larry without getting injured💪💪😂

  13. Kárl Modrý

    Kárl Modrý

    Koňská síla ♥

  14. DJPerZn


    Honestly, Larry being so open about his anabolic usage. And going into detail of what he’s taking. Really really makes me like him n respect him even more

  15. Root


    Pound for pound, Larry has got to be one of the strongest guys on earth.

  16. Chris Holder

    Chris Holder

    Larry Vs Anabolic Horse was what made strength Wars 1000% worth the purchase. Best strength wars match in history

  17. Michael Stoller

    Michael Stoller

    Anabolic horse is a strength wars legend! The match with him vs Faceless was ridiculous

  18. Lucid Stew

    Lucid Stew

    It is ridiculous how easily you guys can lift even 675. love it.

  19. Harry Mcadam

    Harry Mcadam

    One of the only big fitness influencers to talk about cycle. Greg and MPMD do it for sure, but neither lift in vids or do these kinds of things. Insane to see, instant like/sub/comment.

  20. Karsten Reinhardt

    Karsten Reinhardt

    It's nothing new that Larry is a power monster but.. that czech guy.. He is also really very strong..