HOW TO BECOME POPULAR OVERNIGHT - Tik Tok memes La La Life (Music Video)

How to become popular in High School today? Of course by learning some new Tik Tok trends ;)
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00:00 Popular girls prank
00:20 Sue decides to help Lea
00:40 Pillow and Blanket tiktok challenges
01:13 Lea's grandpa
01:37 Tik tok faces
02:10 Make up wipe it
02:27 Who is that new girl?
02:45 Wink lesson
03:16 Outfit change tik tok mem
03:43 Detention!
04:07 Let's dance!
04:47 I like balls
05:24 Bra hack
05:46 Grandpa dance
06:16 Smoothie song
06:33 Hills walk
06:59 Let's dance
07:22 Lea's hobby
08:02 Spooky challenge
08:37 Lea pranks the popular girl
08:56 Getting friends with popular girls
09:34 Subscribe!
09:52 Dance with us!
Try and do the laptop trend dance with Sue and Lea ;)
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    Do you like to dance? ;)

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    I am also in tik tok but tik tok is ban

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    I like the fact I don’t know what to do when I get home and I don’t know what to say to do I don’t know how to get to know what to do with

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    9:24 Indonesian song

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    love to dance but my mom wont let me get tik tok and allso i love your vides

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    Omg that was so funny

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    Sue is so gorgeus ❤❤❤

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    What is your real name all of the titles

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      It's nothing like troom troom its unique on it's on style

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    Hi sue Nora Lea Lana rob