REAL FOOD VS CHOCOLATE FOOD CHALLENGE || Eating Fake Kitchen Utensils! Insane Tricks by RATATA

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Do you love chocolate as much as we love it? Then join our delicious chocolate challenge! After all, not only ordinary sweets and goodies take part in it! After eating a cake or chips, you can eat plates, forks, spoons, and even a kettle! Are you surprised? We said it would be very cool!
Could you trade real chips for chocolate chips? How do you like the idea for a chocolate burger? Share your opinion, we want to know what you think about it :)
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    John Wall mart

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  63. صفاء حيدر عبد الستار عبدالرحيم _ و _

    صفاء حيدر عبد الستار عبدالرحيم _ و _

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    • Smr Yousif

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