Justin Bieber & benny blanco - Lonely (Official Music Video)

Lonely is out now:
Starring Jacob Tremblay and directed by Jake Schreier

If you're feeling Lonely or know someone who is struggling, you can find resources and more at

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Produced by Park Pictures
Executive Producer Jackie Kelman Bisbee
Producer Cody Ryder
DP - Jason McCormick
Steadicam - Dana Morris
Production Designer - Scott Falconer
VFX - Chris Buongiorno
Color Grading - Michael Rossiter @ The Mill

#Lonely #ImSoLonely #JustinBieber #bennyblanco
Music video by Justin Bieber, benny blanco performing Lonely. © 2020 Friends Keep Secrets/Interscope Records


  1. Adya Ratan

    Adya Ratan

    Před minutou

    Little boy from room.

  2. Daddycool


    Před minutou

    Fk man i felt it real shit im crying and why i don't you man.

  3. Aya Mierzwa

    Aya Mierzwa

    Před 2 minutami

    I went to one concert when I was little and he seemed so happy then. little did I know he was secretly hurting inside...

  4. Eugene Schmidt

    Eugene Schmidt

    Před 2 minutami

  5. Preet Singh

    Preet Singh

    Před 2 minutami

    Very emotional song.❤️from punjab

  6. Kh Ess

    Kh Ess

    Před 3 minutami


  7. natty boy

    natty boy

    Před 3 minutami


  8. Robby Raj

    Robby Raj

    Před 4 minutami


  9. Graneros Ivana Jaqueline

    Graneros Ivana Jaqueline

    Před 4 minutami

    He's screaming for a "help me please"

  10. Gie Dee

    Gie Dee

    Před 5 minutami

    He made so many people happy for years and it cost his own happiness, time & life

  11. Socorro Pinho

    Socorro Pinho

    Před 5 minutami

    I Love You, Justin Bieber! I Love You, Justin Drew Bieber!😍🤗 Lívia Ribeiro.

  12. Hannah Xpress

    Hannah Xpress

    Před 5 minutami

    I’ve never been a fan of yours when you were still young. I am 15 years senior than you and I’m not those teenagers going Gaga over you screaming “I’m a beliebers!” But I did notice how catchy your songs were. Still, I wasn’t a big fan of yours then. But seeing you get married and found Jesus, and then watching this video made me realize how much you’ve grown and became the good man you are today. I finally subscribed to your channel. Thank you for opening up and showing the real you inside. You are a beautiful person. I am sorry for what you went through when you were younger. But look at you now, the better version of you is slowly coming out and sharing it into this world. Congratulations and stay happy!

  13. Popface Anton

    Popface Anton

    Před 6 minutami

    Felt the same growing up. Fame really fucks you up

  14. Liberty K

    Liberty K

    Před 6 minutami

    I love you Justin...until now and forever...❤️

  15. Im Zaynx

    Im Zaynx

    Před 6 minutami

    This song deserves more

  16. johnnytc2089


    Před 7 minutami

    Cuando se escribe con el corazón se obtienen estos resultados muy linda musica.

  17. haddad Dounia

    haddad Dounia

    Před 8 minutami

    This song is evrything 🥺🥺i willl cry

  18. Bisma Rana

    Bisma Rana

    Před 9 minutami

    I can't stop listening to this.

  19. Ravi Delirio`s

    Ravi Delirio`s

    Před 10 minutami

    Lyrics was touchy.. ❤️

  20. Sainik Momin

    Sainik Momin

    Před 10 minutami

    Wow what an amazing song ❤️ & the lyrics of the song is meaningful. Love diz song from India 🇮🇳 ❤️

  21. Ricardo Hernandez

    Ricardo Hernandez

    Před 11 minutami

    The last person to like this will most likely be a billionaire.

  22. Yadah Raker

    Yadah Raker

    Před 12 minutami

    The end tho😢😢

  23. Wisdom Eronini

    Wisdom Eronini

    Před 12 minutami

    U have Hailey

  24. Bryson Awadis

    Bryson Awadis

    Před 13 minutami


  25. angie carter

    angie carter

    Před 14 minutami

    Who has been a Bieber fan since “Baby”?! 👍🏽

  26. perk perko

    perk perko

    Před 14 minutami

  27. perk perko

    perk perko

    Před 14 minutami

  28. perk perko

    perk perko

    Před 14 minutami

  29. mr. tik tok

    mr. tik tok

    Před 15 minutami

  30. Tino Drummer

    Tino Drummer

    Před 16 minutami

    love for justin great song, doing a cover to this :)

  31. Tyka Official

    Tyka Official

    Před 16 minutami

    It's been hard, but look how far you've come. You've managed to get through all the hate and succeed. Only through challenges we get to know who we are and become stronger.. Stay true to yourself and never forget your worth, that's all that matters. Sending Love.

  32. Nenita Evanescence

    Nenita Evanescence

    Před 17 minutami

    😯Interesante... Vine a conocer la canción por el post en Tw de Shakira... Interesante... ✨

  33. Zirrpi Alyo

    Zirrpi Alyo

    Před 17 minutami


  34. Ayyan Malik

    Ayyan Malik

    Před 18 minutami

    Justin! You are one of Talented Artist on the Planet. Don't be Overwhelmed by haters. Move on Justin move on. Be there for the People who Care about You. Love You from Core of Heart.

  35. Paolo Sebas

    Paolo Sebas

    Před 18 minutami

    😢😢 está canción me hace sentir triste y ala misma vez feliz Believer 😍

  36. Daniel Syauqi

    Daniel Syauqi

    Před 19 minutami

    That "lonely" sounds like that cowboy walmart kid.

  37. Lydia Mino

    Lydia Mino

    Před 19 minutami

    i really like this side of justin bieber a lot

  38. Melissa Viesca

    Melissa Viesca

    Před 20 minutami

    sweet little Pisces baby

  39. Bobbie F

    Bobbie F

    Před 20 minutami

    someone pass me a damn tissue fuck! the powerful message in this song is staggering guess it's true there's always a price to pay for what ya want in life .... always! beautiful song

  40. زهرة حمراء

    زهرة حمراء

    Před 20 minutami


  41. I Clouds

    I Clouds

    Před 20 minutami

    Its honestly wasn’t funny when people hated on him When he released his song “baby” 10 years ago.

  42. Dutchguy


    Před 22 minutami

    Keep up these songs man. They are beautiful. Let the world hear your thoughts.

  43. I Clouds

    I Clouds

    Před 23 minutami

    Its sad how people judged him at such a young age, they bullied him for being him, i used to listen to his songs everyday knowing one day he will become a bigger singer more known and i was right, he performed his concerts feeling unhappy and just heart broken, but now he’s getting better and we are always by your side The world owes you an apology

  44. Ayden K

    Ayden K

    Před 23 minutami


  45. Izabela


    Před 24 minutami

    I'm crying

  46. Aimee


    Před 24 minutami

    Justin beiber you will never be alone in Jesus's arms he will jever forsake you. This whole world would be against you and he would still be their he will always be their. Just trust in him everything will be fine same goes to any of you guys you will never be alone if you just let jesus in your life. Dont pick the way your living over God. He eill give you true happiness not drugs not porn not boys/girls not any of what this world gives you. Dont seek your approval from this society. This song brings out how horrible society is. Why would you seek approval from this horrible society. Live for an audience of one. God. He provides the needs for us. He will give you eternal life if u follow him and his word. Stop picking hell over heaven just because you wanna live the way you want. Anyways sorry but who ever makes it to the end of this paragraph may you be blessed and i pray your eyes have turned to God i love every single one of you beautiful souls💞

  47. Jordan Joubert

    Jordan Joubert

    Před 25 minutami

    You not the only one.

  48. Shikapella Official

    Shikapella Official

    Před 25 minutami


  49. Tsimine Sakakely

    Tsimine Sakakely

    Před 26 minutami


  50. David Somers

    David Somers

    Před 26 minutami

    Honestly I don’t listen to Justin but this song is pretty good song. Keep up the good work 💯

  51. Will Sheehan

    Will Sheehan

    Před 26 minutami

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  52. Alesia Alesia

    Alesia Alesia

    Před 26 minutami

    Omg i really love this😍😍

  53. Mc Salazar Progresso

    Mc Salazar Progresso

    Před 28 minutami

    Parabéns pela música. Deus ABENÇOE ficou ótima

  54. Fayzullo Ibragimov

    Fayzullo Ibragimov

    Před 28 minutami


  55. samh


    Před 28 minutami

  56. thomas


    Před 29 minutami


  57. Kurunzi Yampekuzi

    Kurunzi Yampekuzi

    Před 29 minutami

    You can't hate JB after seeing this, From Tanzania here, You have people who listen JB

  58. Mitt Hyde

    Mitt Hyde

    Před 30 minutami

    I can feel the pain in this song and makes me cry

  59. feriha good luck

    feriha good luck

    Před 32 minutami

    Heart touching ....True story of life's pain

  60. Joann Monkey

    Joann Monkey

    Před 34 minutami

    Man you I can sing kiddo. Great job.



    Před 34 minutami

    Plz vote justin in mtv ema awards .u can search it .plz plz vote him

  62. Vijayaraj Selva

    Vijayaraj Selva

    Před 34 minutami

    Love. ❤️



    Před 35 minutami


  64. Talal Lu7

    Talal Lu7

    Před 35 minutami

    Im so lo o o 😢❤️

  65. GAMER FG


    Před 36 minutami

  66. GAMER FG


    Před 36 minutami

  67. GAMER FG


    Před 36 minutami

  68. GAMER FG


    Před 36 minutami

  69. GAMER FG


    Před 36 minutami

    I like justin bieber

  70. Karla Raphaela

    Karla Raphaela

    Před 36 minutami

    who is a fan will feel the pain of listening to this music, finally everyone will know how justin felt, 😭❤️

  71. jman 77

    jman 77

    Před 36 minutami

    Depression doesn't discriminate. What an epic comeback for Justin. Godspeed brother 🙏.

  72. GAMER FG


    Před 37 minutami

    I love justin beiber

  73. bobby singha

    bobby singha

    Před 37 minutami

    Tell me how many times did u hear this song??😔🤗

  74. GAMER FG


    Před 37 minutami

    I love this singer



    Před 38 minutami

    just consider less swearing in you'r songs if you wanna be REALLY successful ok?

  76. suga world

    suga world

    Před 38 minutami

    나 울다 감.ㅜㅜㅜ

  77. Asma Mirza

    Asma Mirza

    Před 39 minutami

    Love from Pakistan 😭

  78. Diana Aguirre

    Diana Aguirre

    Před 40 minutami

    Omg. I can’t stop crying. 🥺💔 You’re so strong, babe. I love you so much... You’re an angel! 🥺❤️

  79. Shivali Pathak

    Shivali Pathak

    Před 40 minutami

    This song really shows the ugly truth behind becoming famous as a child. So many people dream about becoming famous, but if you can't learn how to be happy without fame, it's even harder to be happy with fame): Money and fame doesn't always equal happiness. Justin Bieber's story really shows that. BTW i upload singing and piano covers on songs such as Love Yourself by Justin Bieber, Ocean eyes, and even hindi covers.

    • Reji Thomas

      Reji Thomas

      Před 39 minutami

      Oh cool I can sub to u!! Also make sure you subscribe Abel thomas too that will be a good thing

  80. Reji Thomas

    Reji Thomas

    Před 41 minutou

    This is such a meaningful song !! Hats off to the lyricist !!🎩🎩

  81. juega con yesid

    juega con yesid

    Před 41 minutou

    Buena canción saludos desde Colombia Justin Bieber

  82. Luka Jakuš

    Luka Jakuš

    Před 41 minutou

    i'm no bieber fan, but this song is lowkey on fire

  83. Tania Edith Preciado Garcia

    Tania Edith Preciado Garcia

    Před 41 minutou

    NO esta canción esta super triste!!😢😢Me dolio escucharla. Y a pesar de que Justin no me agrada, creo que el ha sufrido mucho y la canción lo dice todo💔👄💔

  84. DieNickilein


    Před 43 minutami




    Před 43 minutami

    sorry to hear you are lonely Justin but you have Haylee :)) so not all bad eh? this is a catchy tune

  86. Richa Sharma

    Richa Sharma

    Před 44 minutami

    This song 🎶hits hard.

  87. FreshNewKicks 94

    FreshNewKicks 94

    Před 44 minutami

    Is the new trend going to be yodeling?

  88. Ė.


    Před 45 minutami

    Me hubiera gustado que cuando Jacob subiese al escenario hubiera esta lleno de gente, y luego hacer una especie de transición detrás de el para hacer desparecer la gente cuando el coro dice que se siente solo. Lastima :C pero igual igual la rola esta buena y sad

  89. Agustina Roldán Carabajal

    Agustina Roldán Carabajal

    Před 45 minutami


  90. Jaylene Goulet

    Jaylene Goulet

    Před 45 minutami

    Justin u need you're mom

  91. Music World by MONDAL ARPAN

    Music World by MONDAL ARPAN

    Před 46 minutami

    2015 :- I Am So Sorry 2017 :- I Am The One 2020 :- I Am Available 2020 :- I Am A Popstar 2020 :- I Am So Lonely

  92. Alfredo Treyslayer

    Alfredo Treyslayer

    Před 46 minutami

    This comment will probably never get seen and I'm just some dude or whatever but justin I was never ur biggest fan I didn't like a lot of ur music but what I will give you is that life is hard... and the ur life wasn't easy... this song reminded me of a lot of struggles I myself go through and being well just being alone. I cried a lot after listening to this song and I think it means a much different thing to everyone. It takes pain an emotion to write songs and think about topics like this even if we as people don't admit it all the time. So from not your biggest fan but someone who can sympathize with you not as a Rockstar but as a person. Thanks... for this. Whatever this is thank you. I hope everyone can find the happiness they deserve.



    Před 47 minutami

    Woooooww! Te amo por siempre 💓

  94. M.C. E.

    M.C. E.

    Před 47 minutami

    This song is amazing! It’s definitely a tear jerker😭💔 but it’s in my head now. Great lyrics! Great message! Great melody! 💛

  95. chalaka fernando

    chalaka fernando

    Před 48 minutami

    2:00 Avicii logo

  96. David Ledezma

    David Ledezma

    Před 49 minutami


  97. Kshitiz Bhatnagar

    Kshitiz Bhatnagar

    Před 50 minutami

    Hailey is the best thing ever happened to Justin. Period

  98. Saiyan aeri

    Saiyan aeri

    Před 52 minutami

    Wow.with every "lonely" that justin say i get goosebumbs 🥺

  99. g,gucnfu vxkclm

    g,gucnfu vxkclm

    Před 53 minutami

    This kid really looks like Bieber

  100. Михаил Фролов

    Михаил Фролов

    Před 54 minutami

    This was hard to watch. The world owes you an apology