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Ayy, yeah
Ayy, ayy
So they tell me that you lookin' for a girl like me
So they tell me that you lookin' for a girl like me
Ah-ah-ah, you're lookin' for
A girl like me
La-La-Latinas (Eh)
I want a girl like Shakira, eh
Esa latina está rica (Ah)
I want a familia chica que sepa vivir y que viva la vida
I need a bien bonita (Wuh)
Elegante señorita (Wuh)
Girl, I want you and I need ya
All of my life, yup, baby, let's team up
I want a girl that shine like glitter (Ping)
A girl that don't need no filter
The real for real
A girl that's a natural killa (Prr)
I wanna girl that's a heater (Hot)
Caliente, off the meter (Hot)
Yo quiero, mira, yo quiero
Una chica que no me diga mentiras
So they tell me that you lookin' for a girl like me
So they tell me that you lookin' for a girl like me
Ah-ah-ah, you're lookin' for
A girl like me
Oye, mami, estoy buscando una chica así
Oye, mami, estoy buscando una chica así
Ah-ah-ah, you're lookin' for
A girl like me
Me llevas en tu mente
Soy adictiva como el azúcar
Me buscas permanentemente
¿No ves que solo quiero jugar?
Latinas, latinas
La-La-Latinas, la-la-latinas
Sacúdelo como, Shaki
Baby, drop it low on top me
Electric field, so shock me
Your hips don't lie, they rock me
Baby, come get me, you got me
Oye, mami, ven aquí
You know I'm liking what I see
Muévelo, muévelo, muévelo así
Yo quiero una mujer
Una princesa no tiene pa' ver
Esa chick with no boundaries like that fue what ev'
Buena en la cama, she good in the bed
A girl that be using her head (Her head)
To use the cabeza, the best
I want a girl who's a diva
No quiero otra, sí, eso es
So they tell me that you lookin' for a girl like me
So they tell me that you lookin' for a girl like me
Ah-ah-ah, you're lookin' for
A girl like me
When I come it shines like glitter
Baby, you know I need no filter
For real, I'm real
You know I'm real
Like that my lips are so glossy
Like how my neck is so bossy
Baby, if you do it my way
Just for the hell of it, I'll let you love me
Latinas, latinas
Sha-Sha-Shakira, Sha-Sha-Shakira
I like latinas
Ones who look like Selena
Shake your bunda like Anitta
Morena estás más fina
I like dominicanas
Boricuas and colombianas
In East L.A. I like the chicans
And they want a piece of the big manzana, eh
So they tell me that you lookin' for a girl like me
Oye, mami, estoy buscando una chica así
Ah-ah-ah, you're lookin' for
A girl like me
Me llevas en tu mente
Soy adictiva como el azúcar
Me buscas permanentemente
¿No ves que solo quiero jugar?
(C) 2020 BEP Music, LLC, under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
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  1. will i am

    will i am

    Před 2 měsíci

    I love how simple and minimal it is... Futuristic and iconic...thank you Rich Lee...Rich Lee directed “imma be rocking that body” and “T.H.E”...Shakira looked iconic beautiful...and Her dance moves we super cool...the Hand choreography is NEXT LEVEL... apl and taboo look like super hero’s...taboos jacket is 🔥🔥🔥 Apl’s outfit is futuristic...and I love that car... I don’t want to comment about myself... so I leave it there...

    • Teresa Flores P

      Teresa Flores P

      Před 19 dny

      @Paschal como es tas

    • Ana


      Před měsícem

      Tbh, it looks like they forgot you in making this video 🤷

    • tosin toromade

      tosin toromade

      Před měsícem

      Correct Afropop!!! Plus Shakira must be a Vampire. Doesn’t plan on aging at all

    • Cami Love

      Cami Love

      Před měsícem

      Le saco los pasos de michael jackson

    • Zachery Funch

      Zachery Funch

      Před měsícem

      Great mix of Spanish and english, nice use of Autotune, catchy lyrics and dance moves. Another great song from the BlackEyedPeas. Thank you

  2. Tomi Kis

    Tomi Kis

    Před 4 minutami

    god this song is fucking annoying

  3. Reinaldo Velasquez

    Reinaldo Velasquez

    Před 7 minutami

    *Nos quedan 3 días para lograr los 300 millones antes el tercer mes shakifans y fan de Black eyed peas 🙌🔥*

  4. El mundo de Talking Angela y Tom

    El mundo de Talking Angela y Tom

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    Alguien escuchando hoy 1 de marzo y Dios los bendiga

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    { LIA }

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    Rap baya iyi

  6. { LIA }

    { LIA }

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    Sesi çok iyi

  7. Emely Vasquez

    Emely Vasquez

    Před 15 minutami

    Bonita cancion me encanta como vaila ella y todos me fasina le doy un millon de seguidores

  8. Brayan


    Před 17 minutami

    Que les parecería si el siguiente álbum de shakira fuera un álbum conceptual que creo que ella nunca a sacado un álbum así

  9. Anora Sherzodova

    Anora Sherzodova

    Před 19 minutami

    She is so cool . She never get's old and her voice 😍her dance , she is perfect

  10. El mundo de Talking Angela

    El mundo de Talking Angela

    Před 19 minutami

    Alguien escuchando hoy 1 de marzo y Dios los bendiga

  11. camila guatache

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  12. Alexander Pineda

    Alexander Pineda

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    Imagine if this came out in 2012

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    reezal rosli

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    This a bop

  14. Faten Manaa

    Faten Manaa

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    I didn’t love the song it made me feel bored

  15. Qween Ari Official

    Qween Ari Official

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    My friends: *talking about her body* Me: "I wonder if she'll offer free skateboarding lessons 🤔 👁👄👁"

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    What kind of music?

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  20. Vellux


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    I feel strange about dis

  21. Anto Anto

    Anto Anto

    Před 52 minutami

    What is this new girl who are 20? Shak...shakira?

  22. Wilson


    Před 52 minutami

    Shakira Is older than my mom and looks like my sister... Wtf

  23. Levis Gómez

    Levis Gómez

    Před 52 minutami

    Nadie: Yo viendo cómo Shakira tiene las uñas feas en unas partes y bonitas en otras JAJAJA 😂

    • Reinaldo Velasquez

      Reinaldo Velasquez

      Před 8 minutami

      @Levis Gómez por que esta abajo obvio no ves que son manos de hambre son 2 el de arriba y el de abajo ahí Shakira no muestra sus hermosas manos hasta elegante señorita

    • Levis Gómez

      Levis Gómez

      Před 16 minutami

      @Reinaldo Velasquez no se ve otra persona hay ves👀

    • Reinaldo Velasquez

      Reinaldo Velasquez

      Před 41 minutou

      Al principio son las manos del señor ella no muestra sus manos hasta la parte que dice elegante señorita

  24. Familie Schilder

    Familie Schilder

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    I love this music

  25. Shirley Saliba

    Shirley Saliba

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    She's only 43 years old? What, how?

  26. Morena Lopez

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    No me gusta la parte del chico ese blanco que tiene solo pelo en el medio

    • Uriel y Android YT 2

      Uriel y Android YT 2

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      Es racista seguro :v

  27. Nayan3112


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    Pique one lucky guy

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    Queen forever 💪🏿

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    Grana Sina

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    Fun fact : I'm 20 years old and Shakira is 44, but she looks younger than me. 😒😒😒

  30. Nastazia Tttt

    Nastazia Tttt

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    OMG!!!!!!!!😯😯what a song and of course WHAT A WOMAN!!!!!!!!!🥰🥰❤❤😜😜👌👌🎶🎶🎶🎶💜💜💜💜



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    Samantha Williams

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    Love it

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    294,438,716 vamos por 296 millones hoy Mismo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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  40. 環奈橋本


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    You can say that again right on man

  45. Richard Meadows

    Richard Meadows

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    Black eyed peas and Shakira looks cool while rock on you too and she's 43 wow she looks good for 43 my goodness I've seen like I pee in concerts he rocks and boy now he's with her awesome

  46. Alessandro Badagliacca

    Alessandro Badagliacca

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    Let's be honest, every man here is for Shakira's body

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    Shubham K.Lalotra

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    This is great, can't hear any other song after this ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  52. Veronica Esquivel

    Veronica Esquivel

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    El aaaAaaaaaa parece una anima jaja

  53. Nichole Davis

    Nichole Davis

    Před 3 hodinami

    he says he want a girl like shekira that dont need no filter but she wears make up btw how old is Shekira coz i thought she was dead no offence but yoh really guys

  54. santosh_360 kumar

    santosh_360 kumar

    Před 3 hodinami

    Shakira is looking younger then my wife,inspite of she is younger then shakira.....

  55. FOX• ϟDUDU

    FOX• ϟDUDU

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    Carlos Magno Matos

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    "Shake your bunda like Anitta" e ainda há quem diga que a carreira internacional da Anitta não fluiu.

  60. Максим Ясинчук

    Максим Ясинчук

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    просто жесть чувак вовсе не извесний но у него талант в музыке, просто послушайте

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    Maria Alice

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  62. xxPetronelaAestheticsxx


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    Me realising that Shakira is 43 years old and she never changes in anyone of those years :O

  63. mariyapershukova


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    rekha Deol

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    Shakira is so talented She can dance Sing Can skate. I guess she can do anything

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    sahimtha kurera

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    male souto

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    Modo Canción de mundial

  69. Rylea Austin

    Rylea Austin

    Před 5 hodinami

    were is she from

    • Shakira Bangladesh

      Shakira Bangladesh

      Před hodinou

      She's Colombian! 🇨🇴

    • Rylea Austin

      Rylea Austin

      Před 2 hodinami

      oh i thought brizil

    • Future


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  75. / h5y8

    / h5y8

    Před 7 hodinami

    No solo en rostro, shakira se mantiene joven en cuerpo alma y espiritu, me decis que esta cancion la grabo en el 2008 y solo lo pongo en duda por la calidad de las camaras

    • Alexander Lagos

      Alexander Lagos

      Před 3 hodinami

      La canción no el Video.

  76. Maxine Dupree

    Maxine Dupree

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    The flimsy john conventionally lick because beginner conformably peck towards a sophisticated eel. unequaled, agreeable kitchen

  77. Edgar1 892

    Edgar1 892

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    Latinas 👩🏼‍🦰

  78. Oo F

    Oo F

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    My dogs name is shakira and whenever she hears this song she’s happy

  79. Stefany Hurtado

    Stefany Hurtado

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    Marleny Pineda

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    Porque tanto comentario de... ya casi llegamos a x cantidad, apoyemos x video para llegar a x cantidad, es la mejor x, de cuentas que parecen ser de la misma empresa/persona creadas solo para opinar a favor de... o es un club dd fans? es mas divertido cuando la gente comenta de manera natural solo para dar su punto de vista. Mucho merca.. mata lo creativo del artista. Solo opinión. Paz y amor.

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    Vevo Records and Statistics

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    este es tu canal preferido

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    Nurul Hikmah Abdul Majid

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