Russian Victory Day 2022 in full: Military parade in Moscow as Putin delivers speech

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Vladimir Putin is “mirroring” the fascism of Nazi Germany, Ben Wallace will say on Monday - as the Russian president holds a massive military parade to galvanise his war effort
Russia’s “doomsday plane” designed to protect Vladimir Putin in the event of a nuclear attack will make its first appearance in a decade at Moscow’s Victory Day parade
Western officials say Putin could use his speech on Victory Day to expand the offensive in Ukraine and refer to it for the first time as a “war”, instead of the widely-ridiculed “special military operation”
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  1. Carole French

    Carole French

    Před dnem


  2. standstillphil


    Před dnem

    I love how the ‘weapons expert’ commentator tells us what he “thinks” each weapon is 🤣🤣

  3. Opmety


    Před dnem

    This is a certified "Special Parade Operation" moment

  4. divanniyexpert


    Před dnem

    best translator ever) decided to translate -+20% of the speech

  5. Ul Dos

    Ul Dos

    Před dnem

    S prazdnikom pobedy!

  6. JD


    Před dnem

    Honestly, it was very bad translation. I wish commentator had better understanding of Russian language to translate correctly. Plus he didn't translate everything that Putin said even the most important parts

  7. Pixmosphere


    Před dnem

    Speech starts at

  8. Anna Sanchez

    Anna Sanchez

    Před dnem

    WOW great translation over the speech guys

  9. Outer Haven

    Outer Haven

    Před dnem

    Why is there silence as Putin is going round and shaking hands with the top brass? Is it normal to have absolute silence and not have music at this part of the Victory Day Parade?

  10. Destined


    Před dnem

    Why wouldn’t he translate when putin talked about the donbass ?

  11. Sir Dawood Khalil Muhammad

    Sir Dawood Khalil Muhammad

    Před dnem

    To be fair I never seen that and I'm quite impressed how amazing it looks like.

  12. Za Mus

    Za Mus

    Před dnem

    2S6 isnt an artillery piece, its a radar guided SPAA, also nicknamed the Tunguska >:(

  13. Random Rahul

    Random Rahul

    Před dnem


  14. Boogiewoogie


    Před dnem

    The little walk and chat after procession should be of interest. He clearly upset one particular individual.

  15. Thu Trang Nguyễn

    Thu Trang Nguyễn

    Před dnem

    So great. I will always be Russian's side. From your close friend, Vietnamese

  16. Ricky Hardy Music

    Ricky Hardy Music

    Před dnem

    We must unite for peace we cannot fight for it.

  17. mbdulka


    Před dnem

    I like how most broadcasts have no yapping and just translate the language when necessary -- of course we have to have low IQ commentary in Britain.

  18. Eliel Laban

    Eliel Laban

    Před dnem

    I like how the commentators are picking on every weapon... Trying to despise it.

  19. chim sẻ

    chim sẻ

    Před dnem

    Glory belong to Russian.....Uraaaaaaa...uraaaaaa

  20. Sören Nilsson

    Sören Nilsson

    Před dnem

    Did not know there were so many generals still alive.