50 Luckiest People Ever Caught on Camera

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The people from this video are so lucky rumors say they’re banned from Las Vegas casinos - tune in and they will share their luck with you!
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  1. Joe Coolioness

    Joe Coolioness

    The first one happened to my parents. My Dad whipped the car around and my Mom remembers looking back, as they bounced along as fast as they could, and seeing these giant tusks inches behind their car. That was 60 years ago and she still remembers it like it was yesterday.



    Dude that landed on his balls with the delayed reaction had me rolling. The guy with the baseball swing on Jenga looked real cool knocking that piece out and walking off. One in a million, and he got it on video. Lots of real funny clips. Keep them coming. Was fun to watch. Great video

  3. B Jolly

    B Jolly

    The ice climber guy! 🤯

  4. Emil1114


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  5. Moh Moony

    Moh Moony

    It's not "lucky" closing the garage door knowing full well it's going to miss. That's staged BS.

  6. Kent Beitel

    Kent Beitel

    That’s amazing those people found 50k! And those were super old bills 💸

  7. BigSmiler


    Some of those driving incidents are common in Phoenix traffic. I don't even get an adrenalin rush anymore. After one near-death event my FitBit said the highest my heartrate had been all day was 67. Ho Hum.

  8. #Mind Warehouse

    #Mind Warehouse

    Thanks for watching!

  9. Amazing videos

    Amazing videos

    When the mountain road collapsed,i think those guys had an idea of how lucky they were

  10. Zuu


    The rock climber was lucky af too lol smh

  11. Wade Link

    Wade Link


  12. Rob Rod

    Rob Rod

    I was going to comment on the tree trimmer "two for the price of one".... But seeing the second one ???

  13. Gel Gaming

    Gel Gaming

    Před 19 hodinami

    Best questing of the day: Does any footage on earth exist of a person taking a plane wing to the face?

  14. thusar chitthu

    thusar chitthu

    These are amazing videos. Really.

  15. Hassan


    The motorbiker wasn't lucky, it's called defensive riding and is part of training

  16. Pp Inmouth

    Pp Inmouth

    The fish story was accurate "That was a different one, I swear to Hesus" you can see it clearly swam into the fishnet.

  17. Andy Wang

    Andy Wang

    Před 14 dny

    when you get -100 luck for the day doubling that would make it twice as worse lol.

  18. singleasasin


    Luck favors some , not everyone

  19. Gift From God

    Gift From God

    see, getting granted luck to the end till the end of the day in the middle of the night was my type of luck. then it dawned on me that techniqually i'm 32 minutes in to next day so have 23h and 27m left xD

  20. Lemon Acid Rounds

    Lemon Acid Rounds